i left off friday mornings blog post with a super awesome stay-tuned-to-hear-all-about-our-day-of-celebration-because-i’m-about-to-find-out-what-is-in-my-belly.

drum rolll, please……IT’S……..A…….BABY!!!  and a healthy little person at that.

and for that alone, i am tremendously grateful.

don’t get me wrong, i was majorly bummed when my modest little person wouldn’t show the goods.  i had a hard time falling asleep the night before due to the excitement of finding out.  i knew it was a possibility and i promised myself that i wasn’t going to get my hopes up.  well, guess who got her hopes up?  thankfully, this wasn’t the routine ultrasound that is given at 20 weeks.  that one is scheduled in just 9 days.  my days run together and fly by so fast, so it will be here lickidy-split.

i still woke up friday morning with celebration deep in my bones.  i had a special day planned and i wasn’t about to be all bummed out and ditch my plans.  heck-to-the-no, momma found out that she had a healthy baby on board and it if that isn’t something to celebrate…(insert somersaults and split leaps)!!  and it’s pretty obvious that i vote “it’s something to celebrate”.

i kept some of my ideas for the actual find-out date, because i kind of need to know the sex to make these things happen.  we still went out and fed the ducks, turtles, and birds like i had planned.  it’s a family outing that gets funner with each trip.  maybe it’s because my littles get more into it…or maybe it’s that nathan gets a better aim on him and chucks that piece of bread square at the ducks bill.  you know how much fun it is to watch the duck go after the actual piece that was meant for that duck?  well, it’s funner to watch your son, who is watching the duck, who is going after the actual piece that was meant for that duck.  brother was basking in his victory.  nathan is so cool.

the turtles really had his heart this go ’round.  he drew them in with a few crinkled up saltines and just sat back and watched them dine.

as for sister…she eats the bread.  which is why i am sure to bring a few slices that aren’t going bad so that she can enjoy her snack while she chases all her feathered friends.  she is so cute and i am certain that she thinks they want to actually play tag with her.  please don’t ever tell her that they are just trying to get away from her.

i really need to pause her right now.

we loaded back up and headed to our favorite hot spot.  yogurt mountain.  it’s a fro-yo bar and if you get regular enough, you start calling it a fro-yo bar like we do.  that is when you are officially a cool kid who hangs there often.  like us.

nathan got strawberry as i convinced him we were eating pink ice cream to celebrate that our baby might be a girl.  since he is positive that he is gaining another sister, he was easy to convince.

going out for fro-yo in never a bad idea.  especially on a day that a pregnant chic gets bummed out.

our celebration carried on to the next day.  since i wasn’t sure if we were having another girl-or another boy, i was ready to make a breakfast that had a touch of pink, or a touch of blue.  since nathan had the pink ice cream the night before, i was left no choice but to bake a warm batch of blueberry muffins…you know, in case are having another boy.  sister was left no choice but to lick the spoon.  she is becoming quite the little baker.  when i told my mom that i was matching food with the color of a specific sex, she said “where do you come up with this stuff?”, and i simply said, “i guess i just like to have fun…all the time.”

after saturday muffins, i went on a major cleaning binge.  i hadn’t cleaned like this in a very long time.  i even boiled our tooth brushes…don’t ask.  all week i had been looking for motivation to clean nathan’s room.  it just didn’t arrive.  so i just kept walking by and closing his door.  out of sight, out of mind.

it was time to tackle this mess.  there is nothing better than cleaning when you are in the mood.  i cranked up some praise music and let the kids grab a few more of their Christmas presents from the garage (yes, we are still pulling gifts out, one-by-one).  that kept them plenty occupied while i got my scrub on.

first up was the room that i had been intentionally avoiding.  look at this horrific mess.  drawers open, clothes hanging out.  gross me out!!

and after.

talk about victory.

two hours later, this place was sparkling.  sqeaky clean.  when the husband came home, he says “i swear, let my wife see her baby in an ultrasound and she starts nesting her brains out.”

yeah, pretty much.  i wouldn’t have considered it nesting if i wasn’t guilty of boiling those tooth brushes.

i am most proud of my cleared counter tops.  it is such a throw all area in every home.  it feels oh so good to have everything put up.

all these pics were taken and texted to my mom’s phone because she asked for pics of my clean house for motivation to clean hers.  otherwise i probably wouldn’t be able to show these suckers off.

clean as a whistle.

when i got the call, i had just scrubbed the last of my house and couldn’t think of a better way to spend the rest of my saturday.  or, the next two hours of my saturday.  this chic has done had eight babies so this one was due to come pretty fast.  and i mean fast!!

i could dedicate a whole post to this experience but i’ll just sum it up and say that it was one of the biggest honors that i have ever had in my lifetime to witness a sweet being’s very first breath.  i was blown away at the strength of a woman as she labored naturally, the gift of life, and the purest form of joy that could never be bottled up.

i did get permission from the mommy to post this particular picture.  she let me photograph her delivery so she could have these memories forever.  again, honored.

this was an intense contraction that depicts courage (on her part), and a love (on his part) that was full of support.

everything was done so precious.  i have never seen a baby get weighed like this before.  such sweet, sweet, sweetness.

that is so much better than laying those sweet babies on a cold, metal scale.  i so badly want a home water birth.

 oh, i forgot to mention that while i observed this miracle of life, all her children (8 total), and my two littles were running free while she was just a few doors over.  her older two daughters, age 16 and 14, kept watch over all the little ones.  is that not amazing?

on sunday we weren’t quite ready to sit still.  we still had to bust out a ginormous pot of chili for that growing family of eleven.

 i really wasn’t being nice by bringing them food, i was just trying to inch my way back in their  home so i could get my hands on their perfect little girl-who is without a name which i think i so funny.  they do have a good one brewing and i’m sure it will be perfect and well worth the wait.  i’m dying to hear her name.  i don’t think they liked my recommendation, christy.  maybe it was to old school, or maybe it’s just not a cool name anymore.

oh well, i tried.

as we were leaving their house on sunday night, i was gathering my loose sippy cups, and helping pick up the mess that our kids mustered up.   i get approached by my convincing 4-year-old who was standing along side of his best friend from church, tj.  nathan asks, “can tj please come stay and sleep at my house?” and without a second thought i say “heck yes he can…let’s ask his mommy.”

(insert little boy jumps and high fives)

this was a first in our home.  nathan has never had a friend stay over and it darn sure will not be our last.  i like hosting little people and i’m pretty sure i was made for this kind of stuff.  nathan never gets to stay up past his 7pm bedtime unless there is a real good reason.

i say an overnight house guest was a splendid reason to stay up until 9pm.

after midnight 9 pm snacks and dr. seuss’ “there’s a wocket in my pocket”, and “green eggs and ham”, i tucked two little happy heads into bed and they were out in no time flat.

except for a 2:30 a.m. scream coming from my nathan.  i rush in to see what was going on and i find my son holding his head as he lays on the floor, bawling his eyes out.  meanwhile, tj is on nathan’s side of the bed, out cold.  yeah, homeboy done pushed my son right out of the bed.  after scooching tj back over and leaving behind those powerful mommy kisses, i had a peaceful rest of the night.

nothing is gooder (yes, i am fully aware that “gooder” isn’t a word) than making memories for my children.

i look forward to many more overnight guests.  i have always imagined that our home will be the place that teenagers will barge in, eat up all our awesome snacks, and veg around like they own the place.

oh how i want that home someday.

pause button please!!


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  • Lizzywest

    What a fabulous weekend! How special that you were able to witness a homebirth… there's nothing like it.

  • k.mart

    So much to catch up on so I'll just summarize here: LOVE. Is it possible your babies got cuter in 2012?

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