anyone want to help me down from these clouds?


it’s cool, i’ll just stay up here.  i’m on a major i-just-found-out-that-i’m-having-another-little-GIRL high.  i felt so guilty this whole pregnancy for having a preference.  people would ask me what i preferred and i so badly wanted to say, “as long as it’s healthy, it doesn’t matter.”  actually, i did say that when people would ask…and ultimately, i meant every bit of it.  however, i would just add a little more to my reply, “as long as it’s healthy, it doesn’t matter…but, i kinda want another girl.”

then guilt would settle for having a preference.  because the truth…i wanted THIS baby.  be it pink.  be it blue.  and quite frankly, the only reason i preferred pink was because i love these children so deep and i’m afraid of having daughter-in-law’s someday.  some chica-bonita will come in and marry my son.  she will then tell me when i can and can’t come by and see my little grand babies.  and she will be a butt head.  and yes, all of this is over-dramatized and probably the farthest from the truth.  so what…i’ll be the first to admit that i may need therapy for thinking that far in advance and how silly it must sound.  i’m completely ridiculous.  i’m fully aware of this.

i have an excellent role model for a mother-in-law.  unfortunately-for me, i’m nothing like her.  she minds her own business much better than i do.  she’s the best there is and i just hope i learn from her example.  if i imitate her, i should be just fine.  right?

another reason i wanted a little girl was so that lucy would have a sister.  a best friend in life, no matter what.  and, and-and-and…i had the cutest girl name picked out.  do you want to hear it?  you probably don’t so i’ll just move right along.

NOT!! (in my eight grade voice)

we will name her mary elizabeth.  she will carry my mother’s first name, as her first name.  i can’t think of a kinder, gentler, more caring, and selfless human being on this planet.  mary it is!  another classic name for these precious marshall babes.  and elizabeth is the name of one of my best friends who is just as fabulous as my mother.  i don’t know a single mary, or a single elizabeth, that isn’t an absolute darling.

i can just see it now…the marshall girls-lucy and mary…and their wayyy cool, and older brother, nathan.

i dig.

when the sonographer took the doppler to little mary’s heart, she started checking all the valves and measuring  each chamber.  she announces, “that is one nice looking heart.”

a most grateful tear drop came sliding down my cheek.

then, she moved the doppler to mary’s brain.  again, she was all “everything looks healthy and perfect…i’m so happy for you guys.”

another tear came a-streamin’.  this was about the time she drove the doppler to the ‘money shot’ and i saw those three lines.  i shout “oh yeah…that’s a girl!!” and she confirms, “no mistaking that.”

i slapped the husband a high five and said “i knew it!!…i knew it!!…i am soooo happy!!….i knew it!!!!”

i could have stayed in that room looking at my sweet baby all day.  she waved at us, blew bubbles, and…i swear, we made eye contact.  well, i made eye contact with her image on the flat screen.

it was so cool.

it was time to make gaining a baby sister, quite a big deal…’round these parts.

with pink balloons in-tow, and little people buckled tight…we were off to an empty field.

i gave them each a turn with the bunch before i took the weight off.

after i huddled them close to me, i said “are you guys ready (while passing them each a balloon)?  remember what to say after mommy counts to three?”

after i wait for the head nods to confirm that we were all in one accord…i shout “ONE…TWO…THREEEEEE!”

(all together now, as we release our pink balloons)  “IT’S A GIRL!!”

now that was fun.  my babies watched those pink balloons until there was no trace of them anywhere.  glued to the sky…in awe.

i wanted to pick out a little something for the baby.  we went with three pairs of booties…the socks and shoes, all-in-one kind of bootie.  i just love those.

i’m dying to get matching pajamas, dresses, and outfits for my girls to sport.  i’ve always loved seeing matching sister outfits.  now i get to be the coordinator.  yeehaw!!

this will probably get out of hand.  and i can’t wait.

here’s to a healthy little marshall family.

busting, engorged, and crammed full…that heart of mine.

pause button please!!



  • Rachel Sowers

    Love it….I love reading your blog. So excited for your family. Congratulations Marshall family.

  • Nicole

    So excited for you! The name is beautiful and the balloon idea was awesome (as all your mommy-ideas always are). Love you guys!!!

  • Kate Wojtkowski

    Very Cool! Beautiful name!

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