no matter what i did on friday night, i still felt like i bombed the whole day.

and i hate that feeling.

i love reading the very last page at bedtime, squeezing my grip around those bodies nice and tight, and drawing them in for some cheeky love.  cheeky love is a hug that is so tight that cheeks rub one another- stopping you from going any further…just to clarify some of my made up terminology.  then, we say our prayers, pass out kisses and i love yous, and we meet again in the morning.

that is the time of day i walk away from their bedrooms and realize that it’s only 7 pm and my duties are pretty much complete for the day-except for packing the husband a lunch (which i still need to do tonight), and tidying up a bit.  after that, i’m just on-call…you know, in case of a night waking.  usually it’s safe to say that there aren’t any night wakings.

and on days like friday…this realization is sugary sweet.

i’ll get to the point after my little mind takes me a different direction for a hot second.

friday was actually a great day even though the ending was a train wreck.  a great friend had just gotten back in town from a two month vacation, visiting her family in south africa.  and can you believe that this friend took lucy’s bff away for that long?  if you don’t know the bff i’m speaking of, you can learn a little about her in this post, or this one.

it was so nice catching up with my friend, kate.  she brought me back a dashing necklace that was so unique and absolutely perfect for me.  she read about us getting robbed while she was gone and most definitely helped in replenishing my slim supply of jewelry-plus i love pieces that i can say “this is from aftrica (or somewhere other than around here)”.  she also brought me back some dark chocolate-my fave, the kids a few classic safari books, and all sorts of candy.  it felt like CHRISTmas all over again.

it was so great to see them.  we are so glad they’re back.

okay, back to the i-felt-like-i-totally-bombed-friday’s rampage.

i was all jacked for some serious floor time with my littles.  i know that i’m missing out on that quality time when i start missing them even though they are two feet away.  we can get so busy doing parks, walks, play dates, and things of that nature-that i can forget to turn off the outside world, and make my way to my knees-to their level.  and just play.  i feel happier when we get this special floor time every single day.  i know they need it…but so do i.

i passed out airplane rides,  ate some of lucy’s homemade eggs inside our tent, and we chased each other down the hall-while barking and crawling like dogs and dinosaurs.   we jumped on the bed, and we had a ball.

not exactly.

the only reason we did so many activities was because none of them were working.  while passing out airplane rides, they both decided they would rather play in the tent.  so, we switched gears.  as lucy was offering me some pretend eggs on a little plate, i said (which i never should have) “oh, thank you, lucy…yummy eggs, mmmmmmm.”(all over dramatized and prentend-like).  then, she just starts crying and saying “no…ice cream”.  well, excuuuuuuse me, so i fixed it by saying “oh i love my ice cream.” (totally leaving out the over dramatized and pretend-like enthusiasm, due to being slightly nerved at her little attitude).

i could have swore she told me eggs.  if she’s going to change her mind, she needs to let a momma in on these things.  have mercy!!

then, nathan got pouty because he wanted us out of the tent so he could roll up in it like a burrito.  and he clearly could not do that with lucy and i in there fussing over ice cream and eggs.

after i crawled out of the tent, i decided to start barking at them (quit laughing at me) while trying to convince them to chase me up and down the hall.  that worked and we all had a moment.  the moment didn’t last very long until nathan just jumped up and stated, “let’s go jump on the bed!!”

there was only one issue with nathan’s suggestion…lucy wasn’t done chasing me up and down the hall like a dog.  nathan was on the edge of his bed waiting for us to come jump with him.  i tell him, “let’s play dogs and dinosaurs for a few more minutes and then we will jump on the bed?!”

he reply’s “no thank you” (with his arms crossed in a pout-like manner).

so be it.

he just sat on the edge of his bed waiting for lucy and i to finish our little game.  he wasn’t about to chime in and add to our fun.  oh no…he was going to have no fun until we were finished so we could move on to his idea.

this aggravated me but i carried on with lucy for a while longer since she was having a good time.  i was wishing that nathan would come join us instead of sitting on the edge of his bed making it a point to not have fun.


it actually ended up that his game was where it was at.  once i finished off strong barking and crawling around  with my lucy….we jumped, and jumped, and jumped.

and laughed.

and jumped some more.

but, by this time i was so irritated and just wanted it to be seven o’clock (bedtime!).  they never knew i was upset since i continued to do mini cannon balls paired with silly i’m-having-so-much-fun sounds.

but i was soooooooo over it!!

after our quality time (yeah, right!!), it was inching up on bedtime.  i got them all jammied and tooth brushed up and let them have a bowl of strawberries.  as they were eating the strawberries, i thought to myself…i should have just gave them a bowl of fruit in the first place.  that was my most successful moment all day long.

God bless those dern strawberries.

oh, but i still pulled those bodies in for some cheeky love.  it amazes me how quickly you get over your frustrations when you are completely tangled up in those warm, jammied bodies.  little heads are tilted in and resting on your chest, while you flip the pages.  then you catch a glimpse at their smile while you change your voice to go with the story.  those smiles are just a little confirmation that you are doing a good job.

our saturday highlight was lily, lucy’s bff’s birthday party.  here’s lily, the birthday girl.

lucy and lily are only five days apart.  which reminds me…lucy is still every single bit of a one year old for the next four days.  i’m just sayin’.

boy are my babies happy that lily is back in town.

especially nathan.  check him out…mackin’ on his little sister’s friends already.

since friday’s attempt at being one-big-fat-happy family was a total bust, i must talk about sunday’s attempt at some good quality time.  it has a much better ending.  and i do so love me a happy ending.

and so does nathan.

on sunday, we got a little artsy and crafty.

i opened our art closet, found some brown and orange streamer that i used for thanksgiving, and gave them each a roll.  nathan immediately turned into spider-man and started casting his web out all over the place, while sister wollowed and unrolled it in true one-year-old fashion.  yes, i still get to call her a one-year-old for four more days.

i even decided to turn our quality time into a little learning sesh.  i taped down some of the streamer, grabbed some dried pintos, and sent my babies a-sweepin’.  objective:  get the dried beans into the orange box.

they swept for a good twenty minutes.  taking turns and everything.  i didn’t hear the word “mine”, “no”, or “give me that back”, one single time.  success.

it was definitely a happy ending…just the way i like it.

here’s to a week dedicated to creating a special cowgirl birthday party for my awesome lucy.

she has no clue that her sweet nana is flying in to celebrate her second year of life.  she’s in for quite a treat.

happy birth week to my sweetest girl in the whole world.  you couldn’t possibly be more awesome!!

weeks like this-my children’s birth week, is why i chose to name this blog where is that pause button?!!

pause button please!!


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  • k.mart

    It's not the feeling annoyed which bombs the day, I believe– it's letting the feeling make you annoying yourself. I think you did one heck of a job in overcoming and pressing on! I don't always make it, but I'm so glad for the times I fake it until I do. Then, oh boy, we really make up for it! :) Beautiful court pics, especially!!

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