i vowed to take on an excellent challenge with my children for the month of november.  it is 30 days of intentional acts of kindness with your children. 

this week i wanted to plan out a few of our specific acts of kindness, but then i also wanted to just be on the lookout for ways to be kind.  come to find out, it’s so easy to spread kindness if you are in that mind set.  nathan is definitely grasping this concept and lucy is enjoying all the comings and goings.

here is our week 1 re-cap:
here is our week 2 re-cap:

read on for our week 3 re-cap.

day 1

like i had mentioned above, i was being a little more laid back in our ‘acts of kindness’ this week.  i was wanting to run into more opportunities to be kind instead of mapping them all out.  while i was at the dollar tree getting a few goodies, i was asked if i wanted to donate a $1 to help support military families.

“why yes we do!”, while my sweet girl happily handed over a dollar bill. 

day 2

this was one of our mapped out ‘acts of kindness’.  we baked up a batch of chocolate chip cookies and ran them over to our neighbors-while they were still warm.  when they came to the door, nathan eagerly handed over the batch of cookies.  these particular neighbors have three school age kids and we later discovered that they devoured and truly appreciated those cookies.

day 3

since i am making it a point to do something kind each week for the husband, i ran into the perfect opportunity on this particular day.  it was nearing lunch time and i was on a side of town that i rarely go to.  i glance over and see one of my husbands favorites places to have lunch.  that was it.  i was bringing him some lunch.  i just knew i was going to make his day when i popped in with a big fat bag of lunch from chipolte. 

i did call him to make sure he didn’t eat.  i told him that it was a surprise but he was getting lunch delivered.  when he realized it was from chipolte, he said “get over here and marry me again.”.

lucy did the honors by marching that massive burrito to her daddy.

day 4

day five was closing in on us.  it was 5 pm and we were in for the night.  i was confident that we would still stumble upon something kind to do. i just knew we would.

the neighbors that we brought cookies to came over to chill with us while we were playing outside with sidewalk chalk.  they hung around for some time and then the ice cream truck comes singing along. 

i told the kids that i would buy them each an ice cream while letting nathan pay for it.  they were so grateful and stayed at my house until close to bedtime. 

before i brought those cookies over, we were just neighbors that waved in passing.  now we have graduated into pals. 

day 5

i loved this particular ‘act of kindness’.  another one unmapped.  i needed to run to publix for a few groceries.  on the way in, i see this yellow school bus with our local high school football team working for a specific cause.  it was called “stuff the bus”.  their goal was to fill that bus with as many canned, and nonperishable items as possible.  all the food they would gather would be going locally to those in our community in need.  how cool?

we were more than pleased to offer up a bag of groceries.

i really enjoyed explaining to nathan and lucy that we were going to give some food to help other people who are in need.  i even asked the kid who was running the bus if nathan and lucy could climb in for the sake of fun.

day 6 

we pulled from last weeks ‘acts’ and let the person behind us at walmart go ahead of us.  after nathan told the lady “you can go next”, while i was smiling and nodding to verify, the lady said “really?  that is so KIND of you guys.”

my mission exactly.  to be KIND. 

day 7

this next one is one of my particular favorites.  it’s a favorite because i could never thank these women enough.  the ladies at the YMCA watch my children every day while i take an hour to workout and collect my thoughts.  these ladies are the best.  i brought them some baked goodies from a little bake fest i had the night before with a dear friend.

i even wrote a little note on the cookie jar that was made to be written by nathan and lucy.  it said “thank you for giving my mommy a break everyday”.  their names were written on top.

my sweet lucy handed over those cookies with such ease.  pretty impressive when a 21 monther happily parts with a cookie jar. 

you go girl!!

mark twain said that kindness is a language in which the deaf can hear and the blind can see.

kindness really is that powerful.  spread it.  you will not be sorry.

pause button please!!

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  • k.mart

    Awesome. Just awesome. This and the new posts below it. What amazing world changers you're raising down there!

  • Diana

    Love the blog, what's the knitting pattern you like?

  • Anonymous

    you are definitely changing the world just miles from your mom door—–that's precious!!!! and you are a stay home mom using GOD'S gifts too spread sunshine in people's lives and in the sunshine STATE!AMAZING AGAIN!!!

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