i have this little problem.  if there is any fun to be had…you can rest assure that i will be in the mix.  you can also bet that i will be the last one awake…just to further seal the fact that i didn’t miss out on anything.

if you think for a second that first trimester fatigue slows me down…well, maybe a little.  granted, i was slap wore out and i caught myself holding my eye lids open with my bare hands a few times this weekend.  but,  i was in it to win it.  i will be the last man standing. 

this weekend, i had it baaaaadreal bad.  husband’s brother was flying into town to sing at a good friend of our’s wedding. 

did you catch that?   two reasons to be overly excited for the fun weekend in store.

my husbands brother, austin, is my favorite out of all his brothers.  well,actually…it’s his only brother.  i love this guy to bits (i even gave nathan the middle name “austin”).  it was great having him as a house guest.  he woke up the first morning and the first thing out of his mouth (after “good morning”) was, “are you going to make me your cheesy eggs and jelly toast?”.  i had every intention of scurrying off to the kitchen with or without his demands…but his demands made me smile.  i smiled because i always make my cheesy eggs and jelly toast and he remembered.  i love to host and serve almost as much as i love to have fun.  almost.

off to the kitchen i went to kick off a fabulous saturday.  cheesy eggs and jelly toast all around, piping hot coffee, and two of the coolest kids ever strutting thier stuff for uncle austin.  i’m not sure what spell he casts on my children but they are always drawn to him immeadiately.

lucy wanted to be in his arms constantly, and the poor guy couldn’t go to the potty without nathan wondering “where’d uncle go?”.

i just loved that nathan referred to him as “uncle”.  nathan also said “i love your cool shirt mommy…and uncle is so beautiful.”.

isn’t that just the cutest little heart-felt compliment that just rolled off my four year old’s tongue?  i am constantly spilling out compliments to whoever is around me–especially my children.  i even compliment those little fingernails, knee caps, and belly buttons.  those little people know that they are fantastic.  i feel strongly that a small compliment goes a long way and i am always on the look out for someone or something to compliment.  it was so great to hear nathan spill out those sweet words so effortlessly.  proud.

okay, moving on.

we rushed out of the house that saturday morning to sit on some cold, metal bleechers to watch my soccer boy play his very last game of the season (insert sad face).  nathan had his best game to date.  that boy just loves playing soccer and i know he will miss it.  he gets to try his hand at basketball in late winter.  i’ve already got his curly head signed up.  it’s so fun introducing him to all these different sports. 

ahhhh, wedding time.  my little people were totally invited but i made the decision to have a sitter.  i was envisioning a nice dinner without having to keep lucy from climbing on the table, or not having to  answer all of nathan’s very important questions.  by golly, i wanted a hot date with my husband.  i wanted to get up on that dance floor and bust a move.  and i did. 

the bride was striking.  she’s the kind of girl who never wears a stich of make-up and throws her hair in a ponytail and still turns heads.  can you imagine this same girl with a tad of make-up on and a fabulous, form fitting wedding gown drapped over her perfect little body??

she was stunning and her wedding was so much friggin’ fun.  i love seeing people make that decision to take on life’s journey together.  i always cry. 

i wish them bus loads of laughter, truly. 

i missed the dickens out of my babies.  i usually leave them with a sitter while they are already in bed or an hour before bedtime (which is a nice, early 7 o’clock).  this was the longest i’ve ever been away from them.  we left at 2 p.m., and didn’t see them again until they woke up on sunday morning at 7 a.m..

yes, the break was great and i was so thankful for a day to reconnect with some great friends and to dance the night away with my husband.  but, i still thought about those little people every hour, on the hour, wondering if they were having fun too.

for the record…they were having fun.  i got a picture text of them going down a slide to prove it.

it’s almost THANKSGIVING, y’all.  woot woot!!

pause button please!

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