wanna know what kind of stuff makes me proud?

it makes me so proud when i can be the one to teach my son the funniest way to eat jello.  because, let’s face it…there is a method.

first you take a bite.  then you push the jello back through your teeth-using your tounge.  it squirts out through the cracks of your teeth while making a squooshy sound. 

it’s…like, a blast.

every single bite called for it’s own round of laughs. 

i felt so proud to introduce such nonsense. 

another proud moment this week was two mornings ago.  i heard from across the hall the sound of some serious brother and sister at-play going on.  there were squeals, cackles, and some down right partying in lucy’s bedroom.  since i do not like when people have fun without me, i had to go spy on them to see what on earth was so much fun.

they had taken all of lucy’s clothes from her drawer and made a huge pile on the floor.  before i had a chance to get aggrivated at the mess, i tune into to their objective and i just stood in that doorway bubbling over with pride.

those little darlings were fancying up a good ole florida version of a leaf pile.  after nathan would get the pile just where he wanted it, he would grab lucy by the hand and happily shout “ready…set…jump!!”.

this little moment pulled at my heart because my babies were busy making memories out of old memeories.  they had so much fun in those carolina leaves and seeing them try to recreate that experience was priceless to me.  not to mention how freaking creative they are.

from what i heard…and saw, it wasn’t any less fun here in sunny florida as it was in north carolina. 

rock on, babies.  you guys are so frickin cool.

in this house, we are lovers of glow sticks.  if we run out, it’s as important as toilet paper.  we get more!  however, i can’t believe that i didn’t think this next activity up on my own but i can’t take credit for it.  i found it on pinterest.

glow sticks..in the bathtub…with the lights off.  pure genius.

i still can’t believe i didn’t think of that already.     

nathan and lucy had their first dining experience at a hibachi grill this week.  those cooks sure do put on a show and my little people were mesmerized.  sister one upped brother and got in on the whole chopstick thing.

sister also has ants in her pants these days.

in between watching the show, nathan was busy messing around with the new game that i had just picked up at goodwill.  it’s only the most bodacious game ever!!


that game still gets me on the rubberband every single time.  that dern nose lights up and buzzes when you scrape up against the metal.  it’s the dreadful sound that lets you know you have failed.  not nathan though…he just ignores the buzz and keeps right on truckin’. 

homeboy wins everytime. 

lately i have been covered in the deepest shade of dark circles under my eyes, and constantly in a state of nausea.  but i would much rather sit back and reflect on the times when my dark circles took a back seat to watching those babes smile so good.  or when the taste of that sushi from the hibachi grill overpowered my nausea for a spit second.

yeah…i’ll think of those things for now. 

or i’ll just sit here and think about our nice little family bridge walk we just got in from.  i love when i get to keep my nathan all day.  since school was out, we went on a little outing.  we were on a hunt for sea gulls, dolphins, and fishies. 

i sure do enjoy watching my little people get all happy and pointy when they spot something that they think is so cool.  it can be something as simple as the bubbles from the waves hitting the bridge, or something as big as a dozen dolphins doing that beautiful rainbow dive that they do.  no matter what they find…they smile, point, and say “LOOK, MOMMY!” with the same intensity. 

oh sweet november.  i love you.  sunny, breezy, and 65 degrees.

bridge walk…check.

pause button please!!

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