thanksgiving day was fabulous.  i missed my mother the most yesterday.  sure, i talked to her forty-seven times the night before to verify how to cook the turkey, and a good nineteen times on thanksgiving day for gravy tips, and “i miss you so much” kind of talk.  but, i wouldn’t have changed a single thing about our little intimate thanksgiving this year.

yes, it’s wonderful to be around the table having seven different conversations at one time, all while chewing your food with your mouth wide open, and shouting over the noise just to be heard.  yes, i missed that.  especially when i was being passed around the room via telephone trying to make out what each family member was saying due to the ruckus.  that is when i gave myself a moment to wish for a minute that i could hug all those necks and have that all-to-important small talk that i treasure the most.

another thing i missed was complimenting my mom’s food over every single bite.  i sure hope she was told how perfect everything was.

all that i wanted was for my dinner to taste like hers.  at one point during our feast, the husband said “i am so glad i married a hillbilly…hillbillies can cook.”.  so, thank you momma for teaching me all about southern cooking.

this can’t go without mention…this home girl roasted her first-ever turkey.  talk about nervous.  i mean, who wants to ruin the thanksgiving turkey?  i don’t.  and i didn’t…BAM!!

the little details was where most of my joy came from this year.

holding nathan hostage in his own bedroom using thanksgiving colored streamers will definitely mark a new holiday tradition around here.

he didn’t know what to think except that something special was going on.  and he was right.  sister treasured the remnants just like i knew she would.

 i will always use my little people’s craftiness as a part of my holiday decor.  doing little crafts leading up to each holiday makes the actual day so special in those little eyes.

 a centerpiece is more meaningful than i ever imagined.  it dripped with intimacy while the tea-light candles rolled wax down those cherry red apples.  giving us just enough glow to slow down and be truly THANKFUL.

 the personalized place settings was a last minute touch that was done out of pure excitement and love.  


my menu consisted of slow roasted turkey, dressing, mashed potatoes, gravy, green bean casserole, collard greens, cream of corn, macaroni and cheese, cressants, banana pudding, and dutch apple pie-ala mode.

(insert stretchy pants)

the joy that i experienced while creating this precious holiday feast for the ones that i love the most was electric.  it really was so satisfying to my very core.  the husband made all my efforts worth it with his sweet compliments.  i cherish his words of affirmation.  they motivate me, drive me, and comfort me.  

at last…nap time.  i had a quick hour or so to clean up, put away, and pack up the diaper bag.  we were going to head to the beach to see if we could catch all those cool sand sculptures again this year.  if they weren’t there, we would happily settle for an open beach with crashing waves and a striking sunset.

the sand sculptures were still somewhat in tact since they were built five days ago.  a few were mangled due to a recent rainstorm, but we did get to see a few that hadn’t lost it’s luster. 

nathan’s favorite:

lucy’s favorite:

this what right about the time nathan spotted the playground.  he grabbed sister by the hand and skee-daddled off. 

i had such sweet moments with my lucy while the husband was on the other end with nathan. some might say that lucy is photogenic (which she is), but i say she was the happiest person on the beach.

i swear that if i wasn’t so stuffed, i would have taken the biggest bite out of my sweet girl.  she is some kind of delicious.

meanwhile nathan was straight macking on this dark-skinned darling.  i’m pretty sure he is checking her out in this pic.

i took one glance at the sun and all it’s orangeness and i told the husband to grab up the kids and let’s make our way to the water.  i wanted front row tickets.  i rarely catch a sunset.  this one was the best i’ve ever seen.  but, i think i always say that.   

after the sun set, we went back home, took in a second helping, bathed the littles, and had our dear friends over to watch a good ole’ CHRISTmas movie.  we chose elf.  so freaking funny.

a day of family and friends.  yes, please.

let the CHRISTmas music blare (as if it already hasn’t been blaring), the jingle bells jingle, and the santa clause hats commence. 


pause button please!

wishing this the best CHRISTmas ever!!!


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    Family pic on the beach = Priceless!
    Amy Orris

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