since i can barely contain my excitement for tomorrow, i thought i would blog while my collard greens simmered.  i’m a procrastinator by nature.  i dilly-dally around and then at the last minute, i am unstoppable.  i always finish.  barely.

yet, times like this…i am johnny-on-the-spot.  holidays make me eager.  i’m certain that the holidays have only gotten better since i am the hands and feet behind all the little things.  little things that will matter greatly to my babies. 

i think it will matter that nathan wakes up tomorrow having to bust through streamer.  the little details of the streamer being brown and orange in honor to thanksgiving is, well…a bonus.

i’m awfully antsy to see his face in the morning. 

back to me being johnny-on-the-spot during (and only during) the holidays.  i have had all the ingredients sitting and waiting patiently in the fridge since monday.  this will be my first-ever feast that i cook up all by myself.  well, not entirely by myself…the husband is about to take the giblets out of the turkey’s butt because the thought of it makes me want to scream.

 i’ve got everything prepped and now we must wait.  this is so hard.  i want it to be tomorrow already.

before i sign off, do you want to know what i am THANKFUL for in this very moment?

the banner that will be over our head while we sit together and have our thanksgiving dinner.  a banner that is hand-made by my littles. 

this sucker is priceless. 

hope everyone has the happiest thanksgiving yet.

we will have a follow up post of our special day.  complete with nathan busting through the streamer.  since sister is still in a crib and i have to go in and get her…she get’s to take the left over streamer and unroll it to her little hearts delight. 

pause button please!! (well, maybe fast-forward to tomorrow.)


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