waking up friday morning to the reality of being 12 weeks pregnant was, umm…awesome.  and by awesome, i mean good writtens to my nausea and fatigue.  you will not be missed. 

i’ll take my energy back with a slice of cheese pizza.  and…i’ll take that to-go.

in the meantime, grow baby grow.  i am already daydreaming about having you swaddled tightly in one of those receiving blankets from the hospital.  i can’t wait for my first whiff of your precious baby’s breath.  i want to hear your newborn cry and see you try to make your eyes lock with mine for the first time.  you, my sweet child, make me smile at your very thought. 

are you going to be a little brother, or a little sister?  i will definitely find out.  those people who wait until the baby is born amaze me.  how?  how on earth do they have such will power?

this week had it’s good parts but there were so many parts that were anything but good.  it definitely felt like the last mile of my half-marathon last february.  i hit my thirteenth mile and yes, even though i already had a steady 12 miles under my shoes…i didn’t think i would ever reach the finish line.  this was my final week and there were those thoughts of “what if my energy doesn’t make a come back?”, “what if i stay nauseated for the whole pregnancy?”.  but, i made it.  just like i hit that finish line back in feburary with the same thoughts dancing around in my head.  “what if i don’t finish?”, “what if i collapse?”.

ahhh, sweet victory.

even though my energy and nausea haven’t made a full come back, i am seeing some progress.  my exhaustion is bearable instead of painful.  and the nausea is only after dinner instead of all day.  for that, i am THANKful.

a bright, and cheerful weekend re-cap is so necessary because i must remember the good times that we had instead of the tough ones.  i have certainly seen the fruits of letting things slide when i should have been consistent.  wayyyyy more consistent.  i have managed to give myself grace, which is huge for me because i tend to beat myself up when things aren’t perfect (i know, character flaw)-especially when it’s something that i had control over.  and i feel like i do have control over my little people.  so when they aren’t being very good listeners, i can almost always guarantee that there is a lack of discipline and consistency on my part.  always.

it’s on, my sweet little people.  i’m taking back my reigns that were whisked away by that rotten first trimester.  children thrive on boundaries and discipline.  it’s equally as important as them having fun and feeling confident.

speaking of having fun…

sometimes i let my littles do things that other parents probably wouldn’t allow…nor should they.  i guess it’s the kid that dwells deep in my bones, or the fact that i want little memories imprinted in their little noggins.

like this:

nathan got out of the car and said, “can i please climb on top of the car for just a second?”.  i quickly reply without a second thought “why not?!!?”.  it was worth it all the more when he gets on the roof and screams “i’m king of the world!!”. 

yes he is.

since friday was a monumental day in the land of pregnancy, i decided to have a little date-just lucy and i were off to target.  the target that has a starbucks inside.  double score.  cake pop for my sweetest girl, and iced coffee for the pregnant chic with the deep, dark circles under her eyes.
what an hour well spent.
then we went to the church to scoop up nathan.  i saw no harm in cranking up those microphones and turning my little people loose on stage. 

nathan is totally in his element when he’s on stage-with microphone in hand.  he couldn’t be any more like his daddy. 

i was hoping to make nap time extra fun for nathan on friday.  why?  because i was 12 weeks pregnant and everything had to be done extra fabulous that day.  since he doesn’t actually sleep anymore, i decided to have him rest in his football shaped tent…on the bed.

complete with books and toys.


heck, in nathan’s eyes, i was the person letting him climb on cars and rest in tents.  i was like…totally cool. 
since i didn’t have any fireworks to let off in celebration to my first trimester being over with, i figured that a fresh, brand new set of side walk chalk was equally as excellent.

we all took turns tracing each other’s bodies.

the little next door neighbors saw all the fun we were having and skipped on over to join in. 
block party at the marshall hub.  hollah.
i swear that the ice cream truck knew it was a day of celebration, and he couldn’t have came at a better time.  

ice-cream all around.
i love days like friday.
after the littles went down for the night, i curled up in the bed and got carried away with the twilight movies.  it was glorious.  the husband was out of town doing a gig in orlando with his band.  i did miss him, but not at that moment.  i wasn’t one bit sad about taking up a whole queen size bed while blaring the twilight series until it lulled me fast asleep.  i don’t regret it for a second.
the rest of the weekend went by rather fast.  and by fast, i mean let’s just fast forward saturday because it was hard.  i might paint this beautifully dimensional picture that looks perfect, but saturday’s canvas would look blotchy, messy, and tragic.  this is the part where my inconsistency was showing it’s face.  my little people were the ones running the show.  like i said, i’m taking back my reigns.  they deserve it.  they need it.
did i mention that i did get away to see breaking dawn with the husband and some close pals on saturday night?  it was awesome.  i loved it.
we did make a come back on sunday though.  church was great, i caught one of those rad sunday naps that gave me the juice to push though and finish off strong.
after naps we scurried off to walmart and hit up the toy department to tinker around for a bit.  i always smile at their different choices.  lucy is quick to grab up a baby doll, while nathan manages to find a t-rex in .008 seconds flat. 

what if i ended my sunday night with my friend kate coming over while making chocolate dipped holiday pretzels, gingerbread cookies, and chocolate chip cookies?  what if we were blaring CHRISTmas music in the background the whole time? 
wouldn’t that be cool?
It was.

i have to wrap this blog post up with something that made my ever-loving day.  lucy brings me this little plastic princess with brown hair while saying “ma-ma, ma-ma”, she thought that it was so cool that there was a toy made to look just like her momma.

this made my day because of the perky boobs.  booyah…lucy thinks i have perky boobies.  yay!!

Here’s to a wonderful holiday week.
Pause button please!

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  • Bethany

    Congrats on 12 weeks!!!

  • Rachel Sowers

    Christy – you are so amazing…I love the way you put your life into words. If it was a novel I would probably read every word before I could ever put it down. I love your blogs. I want to be your kid…you all have so much fun! :) Congratulations on the 1st trimester! Can't wait to find out if it will be a little brother or sister! YAY!

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