i’ve got an overload dose of CHRISTmas spirit.  if you happen to pop in at our house, our little satellite television will be whistling to the dandy tune of Christmas cheer.  my all time favorite is hark how the bells.  well, that and the drummer boy, silent night, deck the halls, o christmas tree, jingle bells, and i’m dreaming of a white christmas

and…have yourself a merry little chrismas, away in a manger, and we three kings.

and not in any particular order.

this past august, nathan, lucy, and i went window shopping.  we stumbled upon a whole bunch of Christmas decorations at one of my favorite consignment shops.  a snowman, a santa clause, a mini-tree complete with little red bows and bells, and some reindeer antlers.  nathan was so excited to see all the decorations.  i saw the look on his face.  his little mind was remembering last year.  he got it.   he knew that all those little trinkets were little pieces of cheer that were spread around the house to make a special occasion, more special. 

when we got settled back home after our outing, my son manages to bring me to tears.  he sincerely asks me this: “please make it Christmas time, mommy.”

i immediately thought, “oh son…you really must think i am some kind of amazing.  but, believe it or not…mommy’s can’t do everything.”

since granting him his little wish was out of my control, i quickly cranked up some Christmas music and danced well into the evening to this killer remix of jingle bells (it’s a good one, click on the link and let your little people jam out.)

since it wasn’t time to put up all the glitz-and-garland of the holidays, i was hopeful that a little jingle bells would hold them over.

it worked.  and i can guarantee that we have been dancing around our coffee table to jingle bells since early august.  to say we were more than ready for this time of  year would be an understatement. 

so, YAY…the time had come.  it was time for this mommy to “make it CHRISTmas time (in my sweetest nathan voice).”

and no, we didn’t let them ride in the back of the truck.

nothing says pour me a glass of egg nog and hand me a gingerbread cookie like a beautifully ornamented Christmas tree.  ahhhhhhh….merry Christmas my sweet little people. 

the day after thanksgiving, we set off to grab our tree.  i was impressed with nathan’s ornament hanging ability.  he pretty much decorated the whole bottom half without any assistance…and his placement was evenly spread out.  homeboy had a system.

sister helped by throwing the balls all over the place while squealing in pure excitement.  nathan kept getting aggravated at her for not knowing how to do it.  he was all “like thiiiiiiis, sissy…you don’t throw them…mommy, please tell her to stop it.”

since the ornaments weren’t breakable, i didn’t make her stop.  she was having to much fun with it.  i am very impressed with her ability to listen, might i add.  after the balls got hung up, we told her not to touch and after a few times of redirecting, she got it.  to me, that is a HUGE deal.

the Christmas tree just adds a nice feel to our home.  i love waking up every morning, with lucy on hip, nathan in hand, and marching over to our tree and lighting her up.

much sweeter mornings.

we’ve had a great few days of staying home and reconnecting over family board games and home cooking.  i’ve tried a new organic black bean soup recipe that was out of this world, and we warmed our bellies to a piping hot pot of organic potato soup last night.  delish.

we are eager to make our santa clause hats and snowman crafts this week.  i plan to pair the craft with gingerbread muffins to make it extra fab.  the muffies will be topped with these flags that i picked up because they made me smile. 

it’s not going to snow here in sunny florida and i’ve come to accept that but you can’t make me stop dreaming.  no freaking way.

in the meantime, do you want to know what is cuter than lucy?

two lucy’s. 

pause button please!!

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    Just makes me miss you all even more!!! You diid a great job my darling christy!!!!

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