i posted a few weeks ago that i was going to do 30 day’s of intentional acts of kindness with my children.  we-among a great group of other mom bloggers, are participating.  so far, we are off to fabulous start.

i’ve been loving making good happen to others.  knowing that you are the cause of someone else’s delight is just  a wonderful feeling.  the best part is that all these random acts of kindness is centered around my little people.  what an appropritate month to GIVE such kindness.   thanksGIVING.   

here is what we have been up to.

day 1

this was the day after halloween and we were still in north carolina.  nathan and lucy hand picked some of their halloween candy out of their pales and placed them in a zip lock baggie.  i told them to hand the bag over to my grandpa (their great-grandpa) when he comes over.  it was such a small little gesture that went such a long way. 

here comes two little people charging at him with a little gift…just for him.  he was over-the-moon.  nathan said “i’m giving you some of my halloween candy…i love you”.  i think it’s pretty darn kind for a child to happily give up some of their halloween treats.

my papaw dug right in.  you are never to old for m&m’s.

day 2

this was the day we were to fly back to florida.  i had every intention on doing our ‘act of kindness’ in the airport but when i happened to walk outside my mom’s house, i noticed that her dogs had gotten into the trash.  that was it.  i scurry in her house to find my little people, a trash bag, and my camera.  we sang the clean up song (oh come on…everyone knows the clean up song), and helped our nana by picking up the mess.

day 3

our first day back from vacation.  i thought that since we were helping out family that i would continue to roll with that theme for the rest of the week.  since the only family we have in florida is josh’s dad, i thought about how this next person is like family to us.  when you can count on someone, last minute, to help you in a time of need (because this next person is always-always-always just a phone call away), or someone who cleans your whole house from top to bottom when you are expecting your second born, or someone who loves your children as if she really is an auntie…then i consider this chic family. 

so, we brought aunt jenni some lunch.  nathan ordered it for her and hearing him blurt out some banana peppers-cucumbers-and such and such was so precious.  he thought he was some kind of big.  on the way to deliver jenni’s lunch, i explain to nathan and lucy that we are bringing jenni lunch because we love her and it is going to make her really happy.  i prompted nathan to run in there and say “i brought you lunch, jenni…i missed you.”.  he was supossed to walk with lucy but when he saw jenni, he just took off-leaving lucy behind.  homeboy is loving this challenge. 

i think jenni was more excited to see nathan and lucy after a week of us being gone than actually getting a delivered lunch.  certain of it, actually.


this next one, in particular, was one that had me so excited.  since it’s a family theme and, yet again, we are limited to blood family here in florida, i had the perfect idea.  this next person can be found hip-to-hip to jenni.  she is another person who i can (and have.  many times.) called and have been rescued last minute.  she has came over on her only day off work and sat with my sick kids while i was to sick myself to care for them.  she was the partner-in-crime that helped jenni clean my house before lucy was born.  when nathan was about 18 months old, he would only go to josh and i….and her.  matter of fact, both of my kids will be very shocked when they realize that there is no possible way that she isn’t their blood aunt.  they will know this because she is black–and we are not.  ha.  this special person is taz.  and by golly…she is family.

since we were gone for a week and we usually see her atleast three or four times a week…we missed her.  tons.  we thought that it would be great to make her some “we missed you” cards and go tape them up on her door so that when she got home from work, she would have a little surprise. 

i was antsie for her to stumble upon them.  she is, by far, the most appreciative person i know.  she doesn’t update her facebook status all the time (like me) but she did that day and it read something like this:

“so i come home and find two little drawing taped to my front door. feeling really special to be thought about (tear) thanks N & L!!!!!! much hugs and kisses are coming to you both as some as i see you!!!!! :)))))) acts of kindness rock!!!!!!”.

(i love copy & paste)

awwwwww, we love taz!!

day 5

i had something else planned for my husband but sometimes plans change.  husband got so sick and we were left no choice.  get well cards for daddy was a no-brainer.  i took it another step without the kids and made him a piping hot pot of soup that screamed this-will-make-you-feel-all-better-when-you-are-up-for-it.  i also took the kids out of the house for a few hours so that he could rest his ikkyness off without fits and fighting in the background (not that my kids ever fight or pitch fits). 

be on the lookout for daddy to be on the recieving end of this little challenge again.  he is so wonderful and i look forward to what i had originally planned.

day 6

time for the only blood relative in town to be on the recieving end of our kindness.  my little people love thier papaw.  he is the one that teaches them how to make fart noises and makes them all kinds of happy when he’s around.  i love watching him with my kids.  he is such a kid at heart and my children hover around him with this smurk on their face that blasts “make me laugh papaw…i’m waiting!!”.  he’s a sucker for sunday donuts.  he is the bishop at our church and he goes back to the green room every sunday before service.  his little quiet time got beautifuly interrupted by a certain little lucy serving up a yummy pumpkin donut.  i’m sure he already had a few but what’s one more…right?

(warning: my computer would not cooperate and rotate my next few pictures.  bare with me and turn your little noggin counter clockwise.  okay?)

come to find out, lucy was eager to deliver the donut because she had every intention of sharing it with her papaw.  she gives it to him and says “opie peeez” (open please), with her hand out. 

what does papaw do?  he gives her the whole donut.  what do i do?  i share it with lucy.

we did give papaw a bite though.

day 7

this is our last day of the week.  we only had one member of our family left to spread kindness to.  my husband’s best friend, dan. this dude is absolutely crazy about my kids.  he has the best laugh in the whole world and nathan almost always brings that infectious laugh out of him.  i have actually caught dan trying to steal lucy from me.  he makes it very clear that he wants to keep her.  she has this little game she plays with just him.  it’s…like…the cutest ever!  dan is jenni’s husband (you know, the girl we brought lunch to).  i am so grateful for them, especially since we are very limited to having family here in florida. 

dan works very close to where we live.  we decided to fill up a gift bag with goodies that i knew he would love (because i called his wife and got a list of his favorite snacks).  when nathan spotted dan at his desk, he took off running and said “here you go…i love you.”.

dan: “you guys made my day.”

just hearing him say that made mine.

Luke 6:38 Give, and it will be given to you. Good measure, pressed down, shaken together, running over, will be put into your lap. For with the measure you use it will be measured back to you.”

this scripture already proved itself true.  we were in walmart a few days ago and i grabbed a redbox movie as i was walking in.  nathan asked if he could hold it and against my better judgement, i said “sure”.  after i got a few items i needed, i zipped to the toy department so my littles could tinker a bit. 

i panic.

the redbox is gone.  no where to be found.  if i’m not mistaken they will charge you a dollar a day for thirty days (ouch!).  i traced all our steps and i didn’t have any luck. 

i thought about going to the customer service desk and then i turned around.  i thought “who would turn that in?”.  so i re-traced our steps once again.


so, i went against my better judgement again and i went to the customer service desk.  there sat a little redbox movie.  my heart jumped.  gratitude filled my soul.  it really is the littlest of things.

i had a little moment with my good GOD.  i thanked him while i immeadiately thought of that above scripture. 

practice kindness today.  it pays off!!

pause button please!

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  • Jennifer

    Such a neat idea to bring lunch to someone! We'll have to try that sometime this month. Stopping by from the 30 Days of Kindess link-up.

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