we have polished off another week of our 30 days of intentional acts of kindness.  saturday’s act of kindness really made this challenge so real to me.  i’ll get to it, i promise.

day 1

nathan assisted an elderly lady to her car by carrying her small bag of purchases from the dollar tree.  nathan simply asked “can i help you to your car?”.  to which she giantly smiles and says “you sure can…how sweet.”

(this wasn’t a planned out act.  when i saw her, i nudged nathan to ask her the question.  so i didn’t have my camera handy.  bummer.)
day 2

while we were at the dollar tree the day before, we gathered up a few things that we needed for day two and three’s act of kindness.  lucy might be all of 21 months old but homegirl has a bff.  we just had to make something special for our little lily.  i bought a few baby wipe boxes and took the wipes out and took some old fabric i had laying around and cut them into little pieces to fill up the container.

i couldn’t make just one.  lucy had to have one too.

since it’s lucy’s bff, i had my sweet girl march this lovely gift to lily’s front door during her nap so that when lily woke up, she had a little something to get into.

day 3

this next little idea i got from pinterest (along with the above idea, too) and was eager to make it for nathan’s teacher.  i love mrs. kristy and so does nathan.  we made her a little picture frame that just screamed total-gift-from-one-of-my-students. 

nathan took off charging at mrs. kristy.  i love how excited he get’s about giving.

day 4 

this was the day that my husband’s brother was flying in for a short weekend.  when we have over night guests, we always give them nathan’s bed since he has a full size bed.  we make nathan a pallet on our bedroom floor on couch cushions.  this time around, i explain to nathan that it was very kind of him to let uncle austin sleep in his bed. 

we hung a sign of nathan’s door for uncle austin to see.  check out my boy’s signature at the bottom.  proud.

day 5

this was the day that made this whole challenge so real and worth the effort.  i want nothing in return from this challenge in terms of getting any of these favors returned.  all i want from this challenge is that my little people grasp it.  that they enjoy making other people smile.  i want kindness to become a character trait that they possess…forever.

so, this day was saturday.  nathan’s last soccer game of the season.  i filled up a little baggie with dum-dums and told nathan that after the game, i wanted him to let all his friends pick out a sucker.  before i could finish with my little spiel, nathan questioned me (but it was more like he was making a statement), “is it because we are being kind, mommy?”.

“it sure is!!”.  he get’s it.  that blessed my socks off.

day 6

this was the day we decided to let someone who was in line behind us at the grocery store go in front of us.  this one was fun for me because it was a true sacrifice on my part because i wanted to get my stuff and my two antsie children in and out.  however, nathan was the one to let the lady (with a busting over cart full of goodies) know that “you can go ahead of us.”.  the lady looked confused and i just smiled and said “please, after you.”. 

(camera was left in the car.  another act of kindness done on a whim.)

day 7

i fully intend on dedicating one of our days each week to the husband.  we love him like crazy and hitting him up with random kindness is never a bad idea.  he deserves it.  so, we brought him lunch.  his favorite sub.

those eyes are soooooooooooo watching.  lucy doesn’t fully grasp this concept but it’s still being poured into her little spirit.  she will get the opportunity to be the big sister to my little bun-in-the-oven and show him/her how it’s done.  because i can promise that this will be a marshall family tradition. 

everyone responds to kindness.

pause button please!!

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    Thanks for Lily's gift!

  • Kam

    Just wonderful stuff right here. 😀

  • The Dawson Family

    Love the ideas and i love pinterest for great ideas, as well!!!

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