there is just something about a saturday.  it’s a great day to plan something.  something extra fun.  something you don’t do M-F.  why?  i’m not quite sure.  but, having fun is my favorite thing to do, so….saturdays rock!!  however, saturdays holds a new special place in my heart, since nathan started school.  i don’t have to share my boy.   he’s all mine, all day.  so, saturday is extra extra delicious, nowadays.

this past saturday, we had nothing planned.  on purpose.  i wanted to wake up, and just do something, and it had to be fun.  i was on a quest to do something fun for me, and then something fun for my littles. 

after sneaking the sippy cups and snacks into the diaper bag (because, if they see them, they want them), we buckled up, and welcomed a sunny saturday ride.  our first stop, was the fun-for-me hot spot.  at least that is what i thought, until i get to my destination.    i had two little hagglers going though quarter toy bins, and then the next thing i know, the garage sale host was “giving” those little tanned-skinned cuties free stuff.  for heavens sake.  i kindly thanked her by paying for those little finds, all of 50 cents later.

since it was such a beautiful day, i dressed us all up in swimwear before we ever left the house.   i knew we would land either at a pool, splash park, or the beach.  after we rummaged, we switched gears and headed to the pool.  nathan was well aware that we were in swim clothes, and only asked me if we could go swimming about 87 times, in one hour.  so, something fun for them (because they were clearly miserable at the garage sales, ha) was next on our list. 

right after i pull off the road to get me some of these:

NOT!  they wanted 15 dollars for a small basket full.  i thought,  “i could have gotten three pack-n-plays at the garage sale down the street, for the price of your peaches, honey-child.”.  instead, i simply said, “oh, thank you.”  and went on about my business.

we finally arrived at the pool, that was hollering “come cool off” at us.  during our little pool time, my babies got infected.  a good kind of infected.  lucy was lightly patting the water, which sent nathan spinning around. lucy laughs, nathan laughs.  repeat.  repeat.  repeat.  repeat.  after the fifth time, lucy caught it.  the laughter was astronomical.  it was the cutest laugh i’ve ever heard come out of her.  it was raw.  she must have been hurting from laughing so hard.  then, nathan caught it.  let me just say that i haven’t loved anything that much, to that degree, in a while.  it was so neat.  now, at that point, they weren’t laughing because of the silly little splash-then-spin-around thing.  they were simply laughing because the other one was laughing.  infectious laughs are my favorite.  nathan and lucy are my favorite.

once i got everyone loaded back in the car,  and was headed home…i notice a chicken on the side of the road.  except, it wasn’t a real chicken.  it was a real person wearing those furry animal costumes, holding a sign, while getting paid hardly nothing.  this chicken person was pitiful.  he/she wasn’t moving, and it was so hot out.  and usually these workers are overly excited about their little jobs.  i generally laugh at their enthusiasm.  knowing the heat index, i was heart broken for this particular person.  i decided to pull over, let nathan get out and hand him a bottle of water.  besides, i knew my babies were going to love this human sized chicken.

we pulled over, got out, and started heading towards this hard-at-work chicken.  that is when i noticed that it was propped up by a moving dolly.  that’s right…it wasn’t a real person.  just an illusion.  an illusion that i was harboring compassion for.  i wish so badly that there would have been an adult with me.  someone who could have laughed with/at me.  it would have been one of those “infectious” laughs.  there would have been tears.

it was all the same to my little people though.  they loved it.

see the dolly? 

the rest of our saturday was spent at home.  it was a nice evening indoors.  and by nice, i mean nice.  the kids played so good with each other, for hours upon end.  AND, they ate all their vegetables for dinner.  that always puts a huge smile on my face. 

after church on sundays, we all usually lay down for a nap.  i think my body knows it’s sunday.   the day that is, respectively, for rest.  thank you, Jesus, for giving me a day to do a whole lot of nothing, after a week with a whole lot of everything.  good looking out!

well, if you call having lily and her mommy over for a play date, rest…then yeah, we rested on sunday.  afternoon coffee, and an adult conversation that was uninterrupted constantly interrupted, is always better than no adult conversation at all.

and besides, if this ain’t the cutest pair of best friend feet that you ever did see…

i really don’t know what is!!

pause button please!


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