have you ever seen anything cuter that a pair of shin guards, that come in an extra-extra-small?

cause i haven’t!!

i rarely say “i can’t wait for my kids to, ( blah blah blah)”.  i usually relish the day that is present.  but, there were two things that i couldn’t wait for with both my babies.  i couldn’t wait for nathan (and now i can’t wait for lucy) to tell me those three words of endearment, that shake the very ground your standing on when you hear them.  “I LOVE YOU, MOMMY!”  it was september 3, 2010.

the second thing i couldn’t wait for, was being a “soccer mom”.  not because i wanted a soccer ball sticker on the rear window of my mini-van (i don’t even have a mini-van), or even for the catchy title that became famous in the soccer world as “soccer mom”.  i just couldn’t wait.  and, i really don’t know why.

nathan’s first “huddle-up”!!

josh and i have been practicing drills, and flitting around in the backyard, trying to get nathan familiar with the game since his first practice was creeping up on us.  i am amazed, at 4 years-old, that he already focuses on his footwork.  

he’s our little striker!

placing all of my mommy-pride aside, i think that nathan has the best control on the team.  josh laughed at me when he heard me say that.  he said, “i love you babe, you are so blind…but, it is so cute and keep it up.”  i really do think that he has killer foot control.  blind or not, that kid is a natural!!

now if we could just get him to control his hands, he will have this soccer thing figured out.

sister-girl was running through that gymnasium like she was the next mia hamm…if only we would have let her jump the bumpers to get in the game.

i have daydreamed about today, since his little eyes couldn’t even focus clearly.  soccer practice was so cool, dude.

would you believe me, if i said that i couldn’t have been more proud of this little soccer boy?


pause button please!

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  • k.mart

    I love how you take so much pride in those beautiful babies! Way to go, Nathan… you DO look like a natural. :) Thanks for the loving nudge, by the way… finally updated over at my place. xoxoxo from Virginia.

  • Rhona Brantley

    WAY TO GO NATHAN!!! Keep up the good work!! Practice makes perfect and you are there baby boy!! :)

    Christy as a moms point of view, we all are very proud of our children when they make that accomplishment. It makes us feel really good and proud of our children to see them out there playing and we can say "That's my boy/girl out there" and cheer their name with the biggest smiles on our faces!!!

    This reminds me of when Jerald started playing T-Ball. I was the proudest mom ever!!! That was my son out there swinging the bat and running the bases. I too had the mindset that he was the best!! :) Then the day came when he progressed to the pitching machine. I was so scared but he hit it like he was a professional and then the following yr he was in the Minors and made the All Stars Team. Yeah that was my son!!!

    Then Hannah was in the pageant when she was 3 yrs old. She was the most beautiful girl on stage and walking so proud like she knew she was the bomb and of course she was cause she won 2nd runner up!!! But I realized at that point she was very competitive only because she won a 3 foot trophy and the "winner" won a 6 foot trophy and the look she gave that little girl was…well lets just say WOW…I didn't know my 3 yr old could give looks like that LOL.

    I said all of that to say this…We are always very proud of children and yes in our eyes our children are the best at everything they do!! We will cheer them on and stand behind them 100% because thats what we do!!!

    I am very excited for you and Nathan as you guys go through this journey of his life. Live everyday to the fullest and its awesome how you are capturing all of these steps in his and Lucy's life!!

    You are an awesome Mom!!!

    Love you to pieces!!!

    Rhona <3

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