dear husband,

goodness gracious we missed you for the past four days.  especially the grand entrance when you arrive home from working all day.  that is when i am daily reminded what an awesome daddy you are.  the kids must smell you from the driveway.  they are at the door before i even have a chance to realize that you are home.  they squeal, and their whole body flails.  i just love how much they love you.

but, if i’m being completely honest, i mostly like that time of day because you are the preferred parent for the next half hour. 

i’ve got to get this out before i entertain another ounce of jealousy toward you.  you just had to rub it in (via picture texts), didn’t you? 

in all seriousness, thank you so much for sending them.  it was nice to see those little faces. 

oh and if you think for a second that you were the only one having the time of your life…you are dead wrong.  i made a little bet with the kids.  we set out to have a better time than you were having.  we shook on it and everything.

it was no coincidence that while you were in mid-flight, we played with paper airplanes.  the ones that you and nathan made before you left.  lucy favored the purple one.  it tasted better.

in true fall fashion, we decorated one of my glass mixing bowls with mini-pumpkins and decorative gourds for the dinner table. 

nathan thinks they are dinosaur eggs.  i went with it.  so please don’t tell him otherwise. 

then, we lit up our pumpkin spice candles and went to town on a good ole’ fall craft.  a little elmer’s glue, and a few paper plates, and that pink container full of our outdoor gatherings from earlier this week: pinecones, acorns, tree bark, pine needles………and a few ants.  we piled up on the tiled floor and created the most expensive-looking-fancy-schmancy wreaths you have ever laid eyes on.

again, lucy preferred the pinecones.  they tasted better.

nathan had his first-ever soccer game (i know how much you hated missing it).  we fueled up on a bodacious pumpkin donut from dunkin.  you would have been so proud of your boy.  nathan got right in there and got himself a nice steal.  the coach’s son scored a bloody nose.  those little strikers gave it their all.  i was proud of both teams.

i only got a few pictures because the game was a real nail biter.   you would have loved my enthusiastic, and overly-proud energy i possessed.  especially when he made that one kick of the day.  i promise i didn’t disappoint.  there was no doubt about it…that little kicker was mine.

i wish i had it on video.  i did get a good shot of him starting off the game though. 

sister girl got to go to the childcare while i was able to give the game my undivided attention.  reason 1,898,987 why i love being a member of the Y.  besides, it breaks my heart to keep her on the bleachers when all she wants is a pair of shin guards, and a chance at the game.

wouldn’t you know that the weekend we place a bet on having the most fun, that we end up at our favorite shadded park.  there were three people on the grounds.  nathan, lucy, and i.  this might be the part where we crossed that we-had-more-fun-than-you line. 


we even had a screaming contest.  nathan won. 

we climbed, swung, slid, and screamed until the sweat beads were to much to bare.  it was, no doubt, time for water bottles, bath’s, jammies, and some down town.  we spread the quilt out on the living room floor and had story time together before bed. 

an upside-down dr.seuss book.  atta girl!!

now don’t say i didn’t warn you about lucy’s new book obsession.   we are both well seasoned in the area of obessions (hence our son’s dinosaur phase). 

get ready…it’s your turn for a few days.  i’m plum read out.

after the kids were all tucked in for the night, i had a little slumber party with two of the youth girls from church.  it was the real deal.  we had pizza, warm cookies, nail polish, and a chick flick.  nathan and lucy love waking up to new people to play with in the house.

just us girls sat around the breakfast table over hot coffee, cheesy eggs, and buttery biscuits.  i so enjoyed having them over.  they are such good kids.

are you ready to be so proud of your wife?  i washed, dried, folded, and put away all the laundry…bedding included.  leaving only the clothes on our backs.  this makes the third time that this has ever happened.  the first time was after i had nathan (thanks to my mom).  the second time was after i had lucy (thanks to your mom). 

i was more than happy to celebrate over empty laundry basket rides. 

that felt good…darn good.

i missed you the most at the dinner table.  no matter what i cook, you always tell me how delicious it is.  even if it’s the same smothered chicken and onions…for the 79th night in a row. 

oh husband (shaking my head)…come sunday i felt a lot like one of those super heroes from the movies.  the last fifteen minutes where the super hero is barely hanging on for dear life as they try to defeat the bad guy.  almost ready to give up.  desperate for one last burst of super power.

i reached deeeeeeeep.  i felt it coming.  my last burst of josh-is-almost-home-you-must-finish-strong kicked in.  and we kicked it’s life-sucking butt.


glad you are home, husband.


pause button please!!


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