(this post was started last night, and polished up just now)

with my glass of ice water at a comfortable reach, and worship music resonating throughout the house, and two sleeping children…i am ready to write.  i should probably give my keyboard and screen a good wipe down before i get into this post.  but, it’s just enough residue to make me smile.  the sticky fingerprints made me remember today.  i remember showing lucy pictures of all her little cousins in illinois, as an effort to keep them in her memory box.  she was pointing, smiling, and kissing her little brains out.  i’m just going to leave this messy screen messy, just a little bit longer.  i’m even going to type over the crunchy keypad that reeks of nathan-has-been-playing-online-games-and-eating-an-almond-butter-and-jelly-sammy.  just because.

anyways, back on track.

it’s an honor, and i am so thankful for the opportunity to call my home, my place of work.  being a stay-at-home mom really is fabulous…and hard.   i totally dig it. 

A Little Lucy

i dig it, even if i use a gazillion run-on sentences on a regular basis.  typically, i’m just trying to defeat three individual challenges in one, long, run-on sentence.  for example: “ewww-lucy-put-that-down-that-doesn’t-go-in-the-trash-what-is-in-your-mouth?”

quick break down:
lucy was standing over the trash can, reaching for the coffee grinds, that had been recently discarded (eww lucy, put that down!).  while trying to throw away her snowy white bunny, that was in the other hand (that doesn’t go in the trash).  and it wasn’t no sweat off her back to be chomping down on some cheerios that i had failed to sweep up (what is in your mouth?)


lucy is as easy as pie.  yet, she still comes with her set of challenges. one being that she destroys my house.  for example, she shook a whole entire can of comet all over my kitchen.  it wasn’t until she powdered my bare toes that i noticed the disaster.  yes, i am fully aware that she shouldn’t be able to get a hold of a can of comet.  she did though.  otherwise, she’s a dream.  she’s my little taste of heaven.  i have a feeling that she’s going to be that girl in school that keeps all the secrets, has the best listening ear, and loves her friends…hard.  she just seems like that type.  i can’t wait to be her best friend.

sister-girl loves to dance.  with me.  on top of the coffee table.

when it comes to doing the twist…breaking the rules (all coffee table style and stuff), is deemed appropriate.  and, if you look extra close in the above picture, you can still see the banner that nathan made for his birthday party.  that sucker ain’t going anywhere, anytime soon.  it makes me smile to much.

A Little Nathan

i pee alot.  before i go any further, i felt like that needed to be noted, it adds to the story.  and, i’m all about some story.

today, i had a beggar on my hands.  he had been asking to go on nickjr.com all day.  so, i agree.  besides, i saw an opportunity to put away some laundry.  i logged him in, and went about my chore.  i hear the sound of a little hand, rapidly tapping the seat right next to him, invitingly asking, “please sit with me.”.

heck…what chore?

i sat.  the very next thing out of his mouth was, “please don’t go pee-pee, mommy”.  that probably sounds like a ridiculous request, but not to me.  let me clarify…nathan wasn’t afraid that i was going to wizz all over him, he was trying to eliminate the fact that i was, most likely, going to excuse myself to go potty.  because, that is what i do…i pee a lot.

while sitting there, watching him play a game that was of no interest to me, i was forced to appreciate that moment.  a moment that my son coveted his mommy and didn’t want to lose her to a silly potty break. 

and he didn’t.  we chilled.  those fifteen minutes meant the world to him.

nathan is far from easy.  but, he sure is easy to love and can make me laugh so hard.  he expresses how much he loves me, like i’ve never been shown.  only he can say “i love you”, followed by tightening every single face muscle, shaking due to the tightness of his hold, and pouncing on me with the tightest bear hug.  he might make me pray harder than i’ve ever prayed, and take more deep breaths than i care to take.  but, he has a way about him.  a compassion in him that is unmatched.  some stupid amazing girl is going to be so blessed to end up with him.

speaking of…some stupid amazing momma needs to quit letting her kids jump on the bed, play with comet, and dance on coffee tables.  one world (three syllables): dan-ger-ous. 

bless it’s little boney-bones.  five minutes with a bag of frozen green beens, tackled that swelling, and we were back jumping on that bed in no time flat.  BAM!

thanks to nathan,  i’m challenged to be more aware of  all their little requests.  here’s to trading in those “in a minute’s” for a whole lotta “what are we waiting for’s?”  

lucy might not be able to ask me with words to play with her, as of now, but she sure does ask in her own little way.  she will bring me a book, asking me to read to her, without using a single word.  or, she will bring me her teddy bear, wanting me to nudge her with it, all googly and silly, while i charmingly captivate her to smile belly laugh.  so, instead of taking the book out of her hand and saying “in a minute, sweet girl”, i’m going to ignore the laundry, and plop down, in the laundry room, with lucy in lap.  and read (with no potty breaks).  because these are the moments i will never get back.

keep teaching me, little people.  i’ve never been more eager to learn.

pause button please!

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  • Kam

    Holding back a little tear on this line "because these are the moments i will never get back."

    <3 it! Always a good reminder for us to slow down and be present with our babies.


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