out of all the at-home games, crafts, activities, etc., that we have done in my lifetime of motherhood…this particular one, is my most favorite.  by far.

i’m a google-er.  i love finding something different to do at home with my little people.  something other than coloring in a coloring book.  not that we don’t do our share of good ole’ coloring, because we definitely do.

this particular craft wasn’t something that i had found online.  actually (i have to add this part because i love thoughtful people, and i love being thought of), a sweet friend of mine, alisa, found it. she “shared” it on my facebook wall saying that she thought of us.

we saved our craft for a day that we would spend indoors.  i couldn’t wait to sit down and spend some quality time with my favorite boy.  lucy was napping, which was probably for the best with it being our first attempt at a potential mess.  after we completed the craft, i realized that lucy can totally hang with us next time ’round.  i think.

whole milk
food coloring
dish soap

the bonus here is that you probably already have all the above items.

pour the milk into any type of dish you prefer.  we used a muffin pan, and a dollar store aluminum pan.  then, add the drops of food coloring to the milk in various spots.

dip your toothpick in dish soap.  and make magic happen.  warning:  it’s very pretty!


dude, that was fun!! 

since the same friend suggested, not one, but two awesome ideas…i decided to knock both of them out in one day, especially since getting in a crafty mood is contagious.   i was eat up with it.

this next activity calls for something baked.  in honor to fall trying to peek it’s head around the corner (WOOHOO!!), we opted for something pumpkin-y.  pumpkin bread it was.  besides, it totally resembles dirt, and that was the look we were going for.  

N and L thought they were in for a sweet treat (and they were) but, the fun part was when i sent two little people digging for dinosaurs.  IN.A.LOAF.OF.PUMPKIN.BREAD!!!

note that nathan is fully aware that there are dinosaurs inside (hence the excited/serious digging face).  lucy thinks that it’s a little re-take of her first birthday!!

the dinosaurs were spotted.

they dug it…literally.

friday was delicious!

pause button please!

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  • Alisa

    I love Love LOVE the pics and I love reading your blog! :) I cant wait to find a fun craft for you guys to do next and this time I will come over and have fun if that is all right with you guys!!

  • Bethany

    We have done the "food color, milk, dish soap" thing before. Savannah loved it.

  • Lizzywest

    So does it have to be whole milk? I am so gonna try this!!

  • christy

    it does not have to be whole. i used skim and whole and the the thickness of the milk made for a better (and prettier) end result. both types of milk worked fine though. let us know how it goes!

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