we broke all sorts of rules at walmart today.  so many, in fact, that i am afraid to go back.  they are probably looking for me us.  when they find us, we will be banned…unless they decide to have us arrested.

the buggy couldn’t be more specific on the correct way to carry little passenger people.  i mean, they go as far as to engrave picture illustrations.  i’d say that it’s a solid rule that needed to be followed.

got it!  nathan will NOT sit in the back part.  and lucy will be properly seated, with her dainty little legs dangling in the front.

or, not.

like always, we finish off our trip to walmart, in the toy department.  we rarely buy, we just tinker.  and by we…i mean ME.  i especially love those little bouncy-balls that you throw down, and they bounce up to 70 feet.  yeah…i’m guilty of trying to reach the maximum height today.  only to see the ball go flying three isles over (or more).

what did i do?

i just picked up a kaleidoscope and acted like that is what i had been playing with this whole time.   luckily, i didn’t get caught being so delinquent.  besides, it was all in the name of good, clean fun.

i cleaned up our little mess that the three of us created in the toy dept, and high-tailed it to the checkout (whith my face down in shame).  all i could think about was that bouncy-ball.  where did it go?  did it land on someone?  if so, did it keep bouncing?  is it still bouncing?  i mean, for heaven’s sake…i’m 32 year old.

ahhhhhh, we made it out.  we made it home.  i jumped out of the car, and was about to unbuckle nathan, until i notice him holding this:

in case you were wondering, we did not purchase that.  i was rambling on with the cashier, while keeping lucy from jumping ship.  the toy slipped right by me.  i’m not quite sure how i managed to buckle his little arms into the car seat (while he’s holding a bright-orange lizard), without noticing.  but, i did.  it wasn’t until i got home that i spotted him sitting in the back seat, enthralled with this new toy.  THAT WE STOLE FROM WALMART!!  

for what it’s worth, the lizard is now ours.  i went back and paid a whopping 88 cents for him.

have mercy!

pause button please

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  • Kate Wojtkowski

    Your Kids are GREAT!

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