i have managed to master the art of, my-kids-play-so-well-together.  no, seriously…i really have.  although, today’s example is a much messier scenario than usual, so, just go with it. 

basically, you set up stations.  one station is assigned to the baby sister.  the other station is designated to the big brother.  because really, they desperately need their space.

so far, it sure doesn’t sound like anyone is “playing so well” with anyone, does it?

you see, in the garage, a few buckets of sand, and beach paraphernalia, occupy a brother for a good fifteen to twenty minutes.

easily swept back up, in just a few minutes.  if that.

while i sit with a sister, and some word cards, and a container of dry beans/pasta.

this got messy.

then, i slip away from the sister while she zones out to her word cards and dried beans.  i make my way back into the garage.  build some more sand castles, and dig for dinosaur bones.  totaling another fifteen or so minutes.

i am still fully aware that this has got nothing to do with them, “playing so well together”….until now!

you see, i have managed to outsmart them with this tactic…daily.  it provides me with quality time with each one of my babies.  it serves as a great way to pass time.  AND, to get to my point…it makes them have time apart from each other (which they must-must-must have), in order to appreciate time together.  it’s like magic!!

brother and sister = buds!

one hour later, not a single peep (unless you count belly laughs, and happy lucy squeals).  i count those!

what was i doing during all this, my-kids-play-so-well-together time?  duh…i was cleaning up this:

right after i tackled the sandy garage.

those messes were worth that effective hour of brother and sister play, that i didn’t have to referee (woot-woot!!).  to be totally honest, i kinda like getting good and dirty, and making a honorable mess with my littles.

oh, and speaking of messes, lucy wins the messiest-person-in-this-house award.  this was the damage done by her, in the time it took me to chop up one small onion:

oh well…

how i generally clean this mess up, kind of reminds me of when i lived with my parents, back in the day.  i was told to clean up my room, before i even thought about going to such-and such’s house.  i would do one, good, clean sweep.  right into the closet.  nothing organized.  ta-dah…my room was clean.  (while praying…please don’t open my closet, please don’t open my closet).

this is the one of those “closets” that things just get shoved back in:

how pretty.  AND organized.

i see no need to try and put any sort of organization to this one cabinet, in my kitchen.  because, in no time flat, those rags, bibs, and tupperware, will be strategically placed all over my kitchen, living room, and  bathroom.  no thanks.

while i’m on a cleaning kick, i have a chore that is designated to nathan.  he just loves to help out.  now that i don’t have to oversee his chore…it really is kind of nice.  good job, son.

his wife will thank me for this!!

what a day, what a mess.  i wouldn’t have it any other way.  i really don’t mind cleaning up after my silly, messy, little people.

here’s to more messes to clean up.

pause button please!!

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  • amy

    Christyyyy!! C Qui!! What's up sweet friend! I need to catch up on your sweet little blog. Your babes are just toooo cute, and you look great :)

    Thank you so much for your comment, means soo much!! I look forward to following along on your little space 😉

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