when i came across a banana in the fridge this afternoon, it moved me to post about my mom’s visit.  it was shriveled up and brown coated.  there may have been two bites left of it…maybe two bites, and it was ever so preciously wrapped by my favorite woman.  a woman who strongly believes in saving every last bite.  not that i’m wasteful but her salvaging is quite amusing.  it made me miss her already.

leave it to us (my mother and myself), to cram a whole lot of fun into one week.  from the moment she stepped foot off that plane…it was ON!!

her flight was delayed by three hours which made her arrival time 1 a.m.  that was the widest awake i’ve been at 1 a.m. in a very, very long time.  so happy!!  SHE’S HERE!!!!

truth be told, it would have been fine if we didn’t leave the house (or the coffee pot), all day.  so much chatting, laughing, and love.  i am THE biggest fan of my first cup of morning coffee.  add a momma to that, and you have a delicious morning…seven days in a row.  we sure do love our nana!

the real reunion was when nathan and lucy woke up the morning after she arrived.  little did they know that when they got out of bed, and those bare feet went slapping down the tiled hall, that instead of seeing a groggy mommy, they see, a nana.  a nana wearing an enormous smile and her arms stretched out wide as she welcomes two happy grands.     

our first day together felt so good.  the rain couldn’t have been coming down a single drop heavier, and the house was dark from the gray skies.   there we sat, in robes and jammies, sipping on our coffee, watching two little people show out.  i couldn’t help but stare at my babies- all swelled and big-headed with pride, while watching my mom enjoy those sugary smiles. 

alot of great went down on that rainy day: collard greens, pinto beans, glow stick dancing, puddle jumping, goodwillin’, and a whole lotta spoilin’.

what child doesn’t just love some puddle jumping?

the sun finally came out to play, and i am ever grateful for the chilling affect the strorm had on our beaches and pools.  i’m not used to the ocean feeling anything less than a bus load of children’s urine, in the middle of august (sorry, that was the best analogy i could think of).  ha!

so, the fun started when we parked the car about eleven steps from the beachy sand, found our spot, and got our beach on.  i have hardcore beach babies.  they could build sandcastles (only to tear them down), the whole time.  and they did.

check out those waves.
getting her spoil on!!
she doesn’t crack a single smile, she’s serious about her castles.
i love when i capture a killer shot of my little people…like this one:)!!
my mother’s photography always chops out someone, and michael got the chop in this one.
our beach spot.


my little brother, michael, and i enjoyed playing in the ocean.  there was a surplus of sizable waves due to all the storms we have had, and they dominated us.  i havn’t felt that free, liberated, and schoolgirl-like, in…..well…since i was a schoolgirl.  it was the friggin’ bomb!!

as if that wasn’t enough fun for one day, we raced home to drill some pb&j’s, grab a nap, and bathing-suited back up for a little pool action.  my brother made pals with a little boy from my church the last time he was here,  so we went for a swim at his friends pool.  like usual, lucy was pleasant as a peacock with a few plastic cups and her feet dangling in the water.  while nathan swam his brains out.  he finally braved going underwater on his own, holding his breath and everything.  proud.

she is effortless at the pool.
my little brother and his friend, ladarian.
i wish every pool day had momma in the mix!!

since i’ve been feeling all schoolgirl-like and stuff…we had a little throwback session of basket tosses, and back flips into the pool.  so much fun.

my brother getting thrown in a basket toss.  i caught some basket toss air too but the picture timing was always off.  ahh, shucks!!

then, an excessively anticipated, long, overdue evening out with my mom. just the two of us:)!!

we talked, and ate, and talked, and ate…it was so perfect!!

here are just a few more mommy and me pics i got while she was here.

about to go out for sushi with all her sisters (my aunties).
after church in our sunday best!!

by the way, i oficially like staycation more than a vacation.  staycations are equippted with propper sleeping arrangements for your kids, all their favoirte toys, and a kitchen stocked with goodies that they love.  yet, it still provides a break from your regualar day-to-day.  STAYCATIONS.ARE.THE.FRIGGIN’.BOMB!

 my lucy girl sported her very first bikini to the beach.  we melted.

i’ll take a # lucy…supersized please!!!


i planned for nathan’s 4th birthday party to take place two weeks before his actual birthday so that mom could be a part.  and boy was she ever a part.  i sure did enjoy creating, while shooting-the-breeze with her, as we put together a successful dinosaur party for my best boy. (you can clink on the link to the left to see my birthday party blog)

our last two days together were spent in naples.  my mom has four sisters that live just a few hours south from me and a whole bunch of my cousins live there too.  since we are all in the child raising years of our life, it makes it all the more fun to see our children play together.  i enjoyed the chit chat with my cousins so much, that i failed to get any pictures with them.  boohoo.

no trip to naples is complete without walking the pier.  it’s a must!  we swam, beached it, and swam, and beached it, until we just couldn’t hold our heads up anymore.  it was the very best way to top off a fabulous visit with my mom.  guess who slept with his nana?  yep, on the pull out couch at the motel.  he insisted!!

nathan adores my little brother.  michael was so sweet to my babies.  i’m proud of him for not shoo-ing them away.  instead, he embraced their littleness and played little people games with them.
lucy and my momma, walking the naples pier.
she thought the pier was the coolest.
what’s new…they ain’t even close to looking at the camera.

i was teary eyed a little (okay, alot!) when we said our good-bye’s, but finding that banana in the fridge forced me to smile over all the memories we made last week.  i am so grateful.

it’s day three of being back to reality and you know something?  i dig my reality, and my littles thrive on their daily routine that got so beautifully interrupted by an awesome nana!!

pause button please!!


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  • Kam

    Loved this one and all your pictures. Any chance of your mom moving to Florida one day to be close to you? How sweet would that be?

    We are freshly back from Colorado, and I agree with you about getting back into a predictable routine. Westly will have his first wake up back in our house in the morning. Looking forward to a day at home.

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