i was inspired, encouraged, and unbelievably moved  by this particular blog, and felt pressed to share my thoughts on the subject.  every single person has special gifts and talents.  no matter the size of that talent, it was destined to do BIG things.  

sure, from the outside looking in, that girl from school who dances like a dream, who can sing like none other, and her hair air dries-needs no product, and has natural blonde high-lights. she is, hands down, the most popular, the MVP at each sport she attempts, and extremely smart. everyone adored her.  everybody remembers that girl, right?

then there’s me.  i danced pretty good, i couldn’t carry a tune to save my life, i had to blow dry my hair in sections, then use a straightening iron to get the wave out.  i was an average student, and i was average at all the sports i played (cheer leading IS a sport, by the way).  anyone else fit this category a little better?

which girl is more talented?

to a 17-year-old, we all know that answer.  in reality, neither of them are.  we all have talents waiting to be birthed…it’s just a matter of acknowledging them and utilizing them.  i used this example to share what has been plundering through my mind every since i read this post last night.

i was given a gift.  a gift that i unwrapped in my early twenties.  it was the greatest gift (besides gaining a great husband and heart-stopping children), that i have ever received.  little did i know that this particular gift was going to keep on giving.  a gift that would bring up strong, capable, confident children.  or, a strong, capable, confident marriage.  i was given the gift of exhortation.  a gift to lift up, root on, and praise.  the gift to encourage and inspire.  i had no idea that was in there when i kept getting cut from the cheer leading squad in 7th through 9th grade.  i had no idea that was in there when i finally did make the cheer leading squad, and all my fellow cheer pals, made straight A’s on their report cards-mine had mostly B’s.  little did i know, back then, how neat i really was.  that within this little 17-year-old, laid such a great gift.

i have BIG plans with this gift.  plans to raise up some seriously confident children.  children that know they are incredibly incredible, even if that jerk-of-a-four-year-old says “you can’t play with us…go away” to my sweet son at the park.  when i heard that, i teared up (while envisioning myself kicking that little boy in the leg).  but, you know what, that is life.  life can be cruel, especially kids and teens.

it will be my mission to build their character up so that when a kid tells nathan that he isn’t included, that my son walks away, confidently, thinking…they are missing out on one more cool kid!!

i love paying compliments to random parts of their little bodies.  like, “you have the cutest nose, lucy.”  or, “this is my favorite curl on your head, nathan.”.  they hear how wonderful and good they are constantly.

so, no matter how many times i let their little acts of mischief go undisciplined, and wonder, “am i messing up my kids?” (that is the title to this book i am about to purchase-recommended by the best mother around-and my best friend), i will stand tall and proud.  because no..no i am not!  they are going to do BIG things with their special gifts.  i just know it!!!  

pause button please!

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