my 18-year-old nephew is here to visit with us for a few days, and i am just thrilled about it.  i am drenched with pride.  he has turned into a fine young man.

lucky for him, an aunt that lives a few hours from me was on her way back to florida, from north carolina.  so, he hitched a ride with her and is catching a one-way flight back.  lucky for us, my aunt grace had her grand babies in tow which made her little pit stop at my house a very, very special treat for my littles.  annya is 4, aysia is 5 (i’m pretty sure i just butchered their names).  they played for hours while aunt grace went straight to my bed for a little snooze.  nothing says family more than showing up to a nieces house, with two grand kids, and making a bee-line for the nearest bed.  i love that.  i love family.

she is, in fact, a ROCKSTAR!!
you know that little people are having fun when juice boxes are refused!!

i wish every visitor showed up with kids in tow. 

now that the day has closed in on us and the littles are fast asleep, it’s time for “madea’s family reunion” with my nephew.  it’s a tradition for us.  come tomorrow, we will be talking in straight madea slang…you can take that to the bank! 

(see the bottom of my post for a really awesome idea to decorate your home)

pause button please!

i got this really fantastic, and cheap idea from a blog that i love.  i thought i’d share my end result and maybe inspire someone to get crafty.  it was a total blast and i’m going to fill my hallway up with these cute little picture frames, bursting with character.

grab any two, 8 x 10 frames (i got mine at a thrift store), and a can of red spray paint.


you will also need some fabric (also at the thrift store).  then you can buy some pegs at a craft store (i just “borrowed” some square blocks from my kids).

wrap the fabric around the frame backing.  place the peg in the middle for a 3D effect.

then i  bought a few picture frames that are made for the fridge and attached it to the peg with hot glue.

like this!!
isn’t this just adorable? 



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  • Bethany

    Love the craft idea, I am gonna use that for Christmas gifts. Thanks for the tip.

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