lord help me make this post as un-wierd as possible!

so, i made this game up with nathan that turned out to be so stinkin’ cute…at first!!!   and it goes a little something like this…hit it!

we were sitting on the couch and i started saying “mommy is sooooooooo hungry, i think i’ll eat your nose” (while i proceed to nibble on his pudgy nose).  carried on by a,  “that was delicous, i’m still hungry…i’ll eat your ear too”.  then i continued on to nibble on his toes, fingers, and all the cutsie body parts. there was a whole lotta laughter involved so i thought i was on to a very awesome mommy-and-son game.

then, i say (which i never should have), “your turn, bud”.  he starts off with an “i’m hungry, i’m gonna eat mommy’s…nose” (while he nibbles my nose).  we laugh so hard.  at this point it was the cutest little game and i was so proud of myself for thinking of it.

until this:  he slams his head between my legs while shouting, “now i’m going to eat mommy’s PENIS”. 

OH DEAR GOD!!  being the slightly immature person that i am, i laughed.  then, i said “ewww, bud.  first of all, mommy doesn’t have a penis.  second of all, you pee-pee out of your penis and you wouldn’t want to eat out of it, okay?”.  to which he replies, “okay, how about your toes?”.  

so funny.  so awkward.  soooooo nathan.

the end!!

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  • Nicole

    I love you!

  • Kristi

    OMG! Too funny! Thanks for telling me about your blog. Your kids are adorable! I can come here to learn about boys since I don't have any. :)

  • Dawn

    SNORT! LOL, that's great!!! Thanks for the laugh!

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