it’s usually a regular monday morning.  where i sip my coffee, cuddle up with each one of my babes, make breakfast, and get ready for the day. 

well, not today.  today, my first born had his very first day of school.

milestone of a day!!

our sunshine state provides every 4-year-old an opportunity to go to a voluntary pre-kindergarten (VPK).  it is monday-friday, from 9-12.

sounds silly for me to be so worked up over a few short, loooooooong hours, but, those are three hours that he is usually with me, and i love that.  so, there was nothing easy about giving up a chunk of our day, and entrusting a few ladies with my heart print.  sorry, there just isn’t.

the night before, i snuck in his room, and just starred at his sweet little body.  he was sleeping so soundly, while loosely gripping his t-rex.  there i hovered, with the light from the bathroom giving me just enough glow to not disturb him, while taking in so many thoughts and concerns.  like: he can’t be this big already, can he?   will he miss me?  what if kids are mean to him?  what if…and before i could finish another worrisome thought, GOD whispered one truth that i so desperately needed.  John 20:19 says “peace be with you.”.

sweetest of dreams, my sweet boy.

i had a complete change in thought pattern.  peace was with me. 

the very first words out of nathan’s mouth in the mornings are usually, “did you sleep good, mommy?”, which i just think is so sweet and thoughtful.  except today.  today’s first words were, “where’s my clothes, i wanna get ready for school!” (all jacked up and full of excitement).  even though i was so glad he was 100% fine with it, i sorda missed him asking if i slept good, ha.

we didn’t mess around.  he wanted to get dressed, so we did.  i kissed each little arm that popped through those arm holes.  i double knotted those sneakers, while asking for five of those, big, fat, huge, mommy kisses.  and he obliged.  i combed his hair and styled it to look all curly-cool and stuff.  brushed his pearly whites, and took in all his big-boyness.  i told him that “he was the best boy in the whole world”, one last time before sending him off.  he had no clue how hard this was on me.  he was stoked!!  i was glad for that.

i mean STOKED!!
and, not so stoked!!  (total self timer pic, haha)

i am certain that his speech will multiply by leaps and bounds, and he will have such a great year.  this i know.  nathan is incredible and that is one blessed teacher (all mommy bias-ness aside).

the title of my blog post is ever so fitting today.

pause button please!!

dear nathan,
i am the most proud of you.  there is nothing in this world you can not do.  i love you to bits.



  • Bethany

    This is life as a mom, you are so happy, and sad at the same time. I was so happy for school to start, I felt like I needed a little break from my sweet girl, but as soon as I dropped her off at school this morning I started to miss her, and started counting the hours until 3 o' clock.

    I want my baby to fly, (but not too far).

    And yes, I said a lot of prayers today as well.
    I hope you and Nathan love VPK, and you will have special time with your little girl.

  • Bethany

    I forgot, love the pic of you :(

  • Nicole

    I just realized that Nathan and Alanna will be in the same grade. Wow. This kindergarten thing is sneaking up way too fast!

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