i remember the first few months with nathan.  i remember how, in those days, i thought it would never end.  i thought i was never going to sleep through the night again.  i thought he would always cry, and want to be held all the time.  i had no idea how fast those days were fading.  :(

look at my nathan, all teeny-weeny.
CHRISTmas 2007!!

with lucy, i knew that it was going to slip by, fast as lightening.  AND…it did.  :(

 little sweetheart!
my first glance of her!
soaking in my second born.

when i got lucy all prettied up this morning, i put her down, and began to watch her run free.  i always like to take in a fresh, and clean little outfit.  one that hasn’t been jelly and juice stained.   that is when i noticed that it was time.  i was in denial and have been putting it off for a few weeks, but,…it was time.  as her little diaper was poking through the bottom of her outgrown dress, i was forced to go through the next batch of clothes.  it was time to pack up the clothes that she had sprung out of.  time to hold up some of my favorite things she wore-grab a sweet memory of her in it, while possibly leaving a tear drop behind for keep-sake.  i even gave a few of the little dresses a little hug before tucking it into the storage bin.  i may have even kissed her little easter dress.  :(

that dress dripped with preciousness.

BUT, on a much happier note, i always enjoy oooh-ing and aww-ing over her new wardrobe.  we are incredibly grateful to a dear friend, christine, who graciously passes on the most fabulous clothes for my good girl.  i’m talking about clothes that an “only granddaughter” receives.  the best of the best.  all for us, with nothing but a thank-you-more-than-you-will-ever-know as payment.  THANKFUL!!  :)

which brings me to this:  is this little marshall family ready to grow one last time?  i’m praying about it, and LORD willing, we just might grow.

if not, i’ll be more than grateful with my blessings!!

Lord, help!!
pause button please

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  • Kam

    Yay! I've been wondering about this topic for you :). I think you told me Nathan was 19 months when you got preg with Lucy…and I know Lucy will be 19 months next month.

    If it's right for your family, then I'm soooo happy for you. Everyone knows what a good mommy you are, and any number of children you decide to have will be lucky to be in your presence.

    I'm excited we might be preggo together again :D! This time our munchkins will be farther apart, but it's still fun to know other ladies that are preg at the same time.

    Keep us posted!!!

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