oh that nathan!

that boy makes me crazy…in a good way.  he is so much fun.  he is silly, complimentary, aggressive-yet tender, and one more cool kid.  i love how he learns a new scripture every week, and seemingly cherishes it.  i especially love how he works so hard to communicate.  speech didn’t come easy to him like it does most kids and through his speech struggle, i have seen perseverance, and determination like none other.  he’s mine and i love that!  i am crazy in love with that boy and can’t believe life existed before him.

since my mom was in town, we had his birthday party a few weeks early so she could be a part of his special day.  his theme this year was a no-brainer.  this boy loves dinosaurs to death.  

my mission for his dinosaur party was to host the best play date possible for my boy.  centered around all things dinosaury. i love creating, and hand crafting all the fine details to make it pretty and special.

let’s start off with snap shots of the canvas that was about to get demolished by a crew of little party animals.

oh yeah..those are cake-pops (a.k.a. KATE-pops).  thanks to my good friend, kate.
the “carnivore” side of the food table. (yes, i spelled it wrong in the pic and spell check just corrected me, lol.)
then, the herbivore side.
some cuppicakes (or, cuppiKATES).  again, i love kate.
the fossil dig.  basically, i had rocks, posing as fossils, for the kids to dig up and take home.
i put a smaller version of each of those dinosaurs in each container, had the kids look at me and guess which one was in there.  if they got it right (and they all did), they got a little sucker.  happy little guessers!
bubbles and dinosaur egg sidewalk chalk.
check out that banner.  100% nathan-made.  it’s a collection of all his dinosaur paintings he did leading up to his party.
the patio was transformed into a dino fun pad.

the creating and planning was fun and all but the real fun was when the door bell started ringing off the hook as all the little guests arrived.

some cuties digging up those fossils.
alanna guessing that dino.
lucy and lily tearing the place apart.  that is what 18 monthers do.
this was the best party feature.  go figure.  this project took me about 25 seconds to create.  dump a few buckets of balls into a splash pool and ta-dah…you are officially a genius who throws the funnest parties ever.
trying to convince nathan to let me hide ALL the dinosaur eggs before he goes and gets them.
those two little bff’s in their matching dresses. 

moving right along to the “happy birthday” song, and opening of presents.

i’m framing this.
he was elated over all the gifts.
especially this one.  his pterodactyl.  why didn’t i think of that?

which brings me to this:

look at how happy he was! 

mission accomplished!!

pause button please!!

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  • Felicia

    How adorable!! I'm working on a construction themed party for mr. davis at the moment :)

  • christy

    ooooh, a construction party sounds really neat. :)

  • Nicole

    Looks like the funnest party ever! Go, Mom!

  • Mary Owensby

    I love the time and energy you put in this blog!!!Everyone is lucky to read your blog!!!!!!!!!!

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