7 MORE SLEEPS!!  that would be how many sleeps are left until we have my mom here with us.  i don’t know who is more excited about it.  every single time we get in the car nathan says “are we going to get nana?”.  it kills me every time to say “(however many) more sleeps” instead of “we sure are…to the airport we go to get your sweet nana”.  soon enough, i suppose.  in an effort to keep extra busy this week, to eliminate that oh-my-goodness-i’m-freaking-out-due-to-excitement feeling, we have scheduled play-dates or special outings every day this week.  in hopes to not watch the clock tick…and tock.  okay, i win!!  i’m the most excited about her coming to visit.  i must say though, this week is turning out to be pretty scrumptious and nathan is winning the funniest-kid-ever award by a land slide these days.

monday, i took the little’s on a pool play date.  like every child, they love the water, and i do not dare try to pry those two out of the pool until their hands are prune-like.  i’m not talking about prune-like fingertips either…both of their whole hands and feet must be a wrinkled up mess before they are anywhere close to getting out of the pool .  however, a threatening storm was moving in on us and we had to get out sooner than expected.  in that moment, i thought for sure i was going to get a little embarrassed when i had to tell nathan that it was time to get out.  instead, he answers kindly “okay, mom” (i just love when he submits softly, but i don’t love when he calls me mom, by the way) it’s MOMMY, until your early forty’s, at least.  ha!  we carried the party inside where my children had themselves a grand ole time with all of the different toys that were all new to them.  my friend, laura, has three of the sweetest girls ever.  i got to see a little glimpse of what life would be like with three kids, and she made it look all to easy.

gianna, lucy, nathan, sophia, and karina.

today we met up with nathan and lucy’s ex-babysitter at our local mall.  no, she isn’t an “ex” because she got canned or anything like that.  she laid babysitting down to embrace motherhood, and boy is she ever doing a good job.   i love taking my children to our local mall.  i usually spend about five dollars total and my children have hours of fun.  i let them ride the carousel, twice…then they just play on it, in it, and/or around it, for a good 20 minutes or more.  then we make our way down to the arcade…complete with a massive bounce house.  this bounce house has a huge slide and obstacle courses on the inside.  nathan is free to go through it as much as he wants.  lucy is majorly into climbing these days (ut-oh), and enjoys making her way up into the bucket seat of those arcade games, while using her steering wheel and hand gun skills as she “plays” all the games. i would have loved more chat time with my friend (i like calling her that instead of my babysitter), but my little’s had a wonderful time.  knowing that their day was fabulous, makes me very happy.  go me!

what kind of mother lets her kids do this?  oops!!
i love newbies!
who’s got baby fever?
have mercy…

when we get back home, i tell nathan that he can go play in the garage.  i keep toys in there and i rotate them, so that the kids have different toys each week, instead of the same ole, same ole.  nathan stood in the garage, calling for lucy to come play with him.  bless her little bones because, there she went, high-tailin’ it to the garage, arms flapping with pure glee, to play with her big brother.  only to get right at the door before a certain brother of hers, slams the door, in her sweet face.  i was livid!!  i said “YOU OPEN THAT DOOR RIGHT THIS MINUTE, NATHAN!!” (in a very, very unkind tone).  when he opened the door, there he stood, with his finger pointing at me.  he proceeds to reprimand me, saying “no yelling, mommy…you have to talk nice, alright?”  i was thrown for a loop and began to say “you are right, and i’m sorry for yelling at you but…” and before i could finish, he says “it’s okay, i forgive you.”.  he sounded just like me and it was so funny.  i forgot to discipline him for being so rude to his sister.  that little stinker…he’s slick!!

i believe that God made nathan’s age extremely cute and funny so that mothers can gracefully make it through, i’m convinced of it.  this age can be so trying and so difficult.  but, then you have these moments:

while i’m matching up the sleeves of a t-shirt; lost somewhere between laundry and what’s for dinner thoughts,  i hear some “you’re a good girl, mommy…and lucy’s a cute baby, and she cries” (so random, and extra cute)

or, while i’m sweeping up the floor, he goes to retrieve the dust pan, all while shouting “you’re my best friend, i’ll help you clean up.”  he is so helpful and sweet, he really is.  even if just a hour earlier he slammed the door in his bity-baby sisters face.  bless it all!! 

just when i think i have the perfect way of telling nathan to let me handle lucy because he is not the mother, i am.  this is what we sound like:

me: “nathan, look at me…i’m the mommy, i’ll take care of her.”
nathan: “i’m nathan, i’ll take care of her.”
hysterical, i know!

boy does he ever love to tell her not to touch things, or to get down from something.  matter of fact, i would never let him know this, but he has actually saved quite a few messes that were about to take place, because he noticed she wasn’t supposed to have something. but still…”i’m the mommy, i’ll take care of her.”

did i really say this tonight when playing dinosaurs with my son: “i never get to be t-rex” (i was dead serious). 

hurry-up and get here mom, i’m constantly dreaming of your helping hands and your fun-loving presence!  how many more sleeps again????? 

pause button please!

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  • Kam

    I'm devouring your blog while devouring a homemade bowl of chocolate ice cream with dark chocolate chips on top!! It was a great one…your blog…well, and the ice cream 😀

    Your mall sounds like so much fun. I wish the one close to me was a little cooler, but there are a few around my house, so I'll just have to branch out and check some others.

    I love how much you love your mom. I remember when I lived in San Antonio, and my parents lived in Fort Worth (4hours away), I would be soooooo excited for them to come and visit. Now that I live in Fort Worth I believe I take it for granted a bit, but once we move again I will remember how wonderful it is to have family visit.

    Random comment insert: I made the chicken, veggies, and potatoes in the crock and it was awesome!!! Westly wasn't thrilled with it, and I ended up making him a PB on whole grain tortilla sandwich, but I'm going to try to give it to him again tomorrow.

    I'm anxiously awaiting your next recommended recipe!!!!

  • Alicia

    We have 10 more sleeps until Annabelle's nana, my mama gets here! I totally understand how excited you are to be with your mom. I hate living away from her! Hope you and your kiddos have tons of fun with her.

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