before i was blessed with the title “mommy”, i had one more list of things that i was NEVER (ever-ever-ever) going to do.  against all odds, i was going to be a perfect mother.  just you watch.  uhhhh, joke is on me!

i narrowed it down to a few “NEVER’S” that i have totally broken, maybe just once…a day.

i will NEVER let my kids eat on the furniture
i will NEVER let my kids have more than 20 minutes of television or electronics in a 24 hour day.  AND…i darn sure couldn’t possibly break both of these “NEVER’S” at the same time.  surely not…

oops, double whammy!!

i will NEVER raise my voice.  (these definitely sound like rules of a non-mommy, don’t they?).

i will NEVER have my living room turned into a kid zone, toys stay in their rooms. 

what?  that is lucy’s bedroom!  😉 😉

there are a few “NEVER’S” that i have actually managed to follow through, thus far.

i will NEVER give my kids soda.
i will NEVER let my kids sleep in our bed (except when they were fresh newbies).  however, i see nothing wrong with the family bed if that is what people choose, it just wasn’t for us.

now there is this one rule that we break almost everyday.  i just can’t help it, it’s a childhood memory that i can’t keep away from their little memory boxes.

you better believe we jump on that bed!!
i love these monkeys. 


all those rules i gave myself was nothing more than a sincere strive to be this incredible mother for my children.  i would go as far to say that i wanted perfection in my mothering.  IMPOSSIBLE!!  thankfully, i found a beautiful balance.  realizing that i was going to make mistakes, and tons of them, i came to this conclusion: i just want to raise great kids that know about JESUS, and are extremely happy.  i’ve got this!!

however, if these two turn out plum rotten, i’m blaming josh. 

pause button please!




  • christineowensby

    Love it so cute, you are a great mom they are lucky!

  • Kam

    ha ha, this is good.
    I have a few NEVERS as well, and two of them are the same: No soda and No sleeping in my bed. We also have a No Candy, No Cookies, No Cake, and No Fast Food (referring to the chains that use factory farmed animals which is almost all of them).

    I'm hoping to keep up with all these Nevers as long as possible. I know when they are old enough to visit friends then several will be broken, but we're doing our best to set a healthy foundation 😀

    Looking forward to your next blog.

  • k.mart

    How you make me laugh!! :) Some nevers are a good thing, I agree… but life is way too short for too many. Now I strive for balance most of all. I just love you and your perspective!

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