the kids are napping.  well, lucy is napping.  nathan gets to pick a few books and a few dinosaurs, and play quietly on his bed for an hour.  i like quiet time.  alot.  i should be doing that mound of dishes that are in both sink holes. but, that would require me to put away all the dishes in the dishwasher first.  i just stood there, starred at the task ahead, and chose to blog instead.  so, i write.

cute nathan story…i ran into the cabinet door that was left open, and hurt my butt.  i no sooner turn around and my sweet nathan was in the process of kissing it, followed through with an “allllll better, mommy.”  you know what…?  it really did work, my butt felt better!!  here’s my take:  when my kids bump, stump, scrape, or hurt themselves in any way, i am truly sad for them.  when i kiss them, it is coming from a place of empathy, comfort, and love.  that is a powerful combination that is sure to make something painful, “alllllllll better”.  when nathan kissed my butt (that just sounds funny), it really was “alllll better”.  he had empathy for me, he wanted to comfort me, and it was all because he loves me.  i used to think that when mommy’s kissed boo-boo’s “alllll better”, that it worked because we trained their little brains to think that way (and that very well may be the case).  i just like my way of thinking better.  it just seems sweeter.  i like sweeter.

speaking of sweet (and not so sweet), nathan can be a bit aggressive from time-to-time (and sometimes, all the time).  he is real quick to push other kids down, especially if anyone tries to take a toy from him.  we are working around the clock trying to get him through this phase.  the aggression he has is minuscule in comparison to the powerful sweetness that defines him.  he can’t pass another child without asking me if he can hug or kiss him/her.  if a child falls down, he rushes over, rubs on their head saying “it’s okay, i’ll help you.”.  if i ever shed tears in front of him, he says “how about you smile, mommy.” (while he takes a hold of each of my cheeks, pushes up on them, in an effort to turn my frown upside-down).  isn’t that sweet?  i melt.

not to throw nathan under the bus (for lack of better words), but i think if he ever takes the time to read about his happenings when he grows up, then i think he’ll laugh at this next story.  i hope to laugh at it too, one day…when we get through it.  so, apparently, lucy isn’t allowed to as much as look, glance, or peek at nathan when we are in the car.  he loves to control her when we are at home and since she totally worships her big brother, she allows it.  but, in the car, he is strapped in, she is strapped in, and he has no control over her…or does he?  this is what i hear while at the drivers seat, “lucy, don’t do that…(pause)…stooooop!…(pause)…you stop that!!…NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!” ( real unkind-like).  i turn around to see what on earth he is telling her to stop doing, and can you believe that she has her head turned toward him with her eyes fixed on him?  can you believe she would be so unkind?  i just love riding in the car (insert momma sarcasm here).

i can distinctly remember not being allowed to look at my big brother when we were in the car.  he would draw an imaginary line in the back seat, leaving me with only the space my butt was in and he would get the rest of the back seat.  since i worshiped him, i went along with it.  i guess lucy is just a victim to birth order, and a very, very strong big brother…who worships her too, might i add.  i dare anyone to mess with his little sister.  double-triple-quadruple dog dare!!!  YOU WILL GO DOWN!!

it’s an inevitable part of siblings.  in all siblings’ defense…it’s hard to be differently made, and have to live in such close quarters to one another, in harmony.  it’s impossible!!  there WILL be times that harmony has been replaced with a state of war.  even in a marriage.  in this house, we always make peace…eventually.  i trust that my children will always make peace with each other too…eventually.

that little lucy is such a girly-girl even though she has been raised around tons of matchbox cars, dinosaurs, and farting noises.   she does play dinosaurs with nathan, just in the most opposite of forms.  nathan makes the dinosaurs eat each other up while lifting their tails and farting on each other (his paw-paw taught him that and nathan thinks it’s HA-larious).  while lucy picks each dinosaur up, individually, and plants the sweetest kiss on their cute little plastic faces.  she picks up baby dolls and pats their back all mommy-like, while nathan picks them up by the arm and tosses it within a few seconds.  i enjoy their different dynamics. 

totally off subject but i was desperate to get some laundry done yesterday, and i knew i needed to seperate the two of them, so…

nathan got to hang on the patio, in his b-ball jammies.
while sissy rummaged through the lost sock box.

 by-the-way, where do all the socks go?  seriously?

i love my little sweet potatoes (that’s what my grandma used to call me-i miss her)!

pause button please!!



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