Meet Nathan:  he is wonderful!  Simply the best boy in this whole entire world.  Easy to raise?  Heck no…not by a long shot.  Is he fun?  Only THE funnest and funniest boy ever.  He has the tenderest of tender hearts and manages to keep me falling more in love by the minute.  He loves dinosaurs to death.  Some days he is, in fact, a dinosaur and answers my questions with rawrs (while shaking his head yes or no).  he also likes dressing up (only in the raddest, coolest, man clothes)…who am I kidding, this boy trots around in my heels better than I can, ha.  A few more of his favorite things are soccer, drums, singing, and break-dancing.  Nathan has some serious musical genetics passed down from his daddy’s side of the family.  I look forward to watching that grow up in him.  Oh and before I forget, he also loves to boss his teensie-weensie little sister around all the day long.
Meet Lucy:  she is wonderful, too!  Simply the best girl in this whole entire world.  Easy to raise?  Heck yes…easy as pie!!  Is she sweet?  Only THE sweetest, most loving  child ever.  She plants kisses and wraps those bity arms around my neck more times in a day than I can count.  She melts me by the minute and I must refrain from squeezing her to hard every single day.  She loves to roam around the house, empty out all my kitchen cabinets, all the bedroom bottom drawers, and unleash the toilet paper roll.  She has been caught playing in the toilet more times than I care to admit . She loves kissing and hugging on pillows, scribbling on her magna doodle, playing with big brother, and she is one more shoe fanatic.  She is nuts for her daddy.  She calls him “pa-pa” which we find so cute because we never taught her that, she came up with that one.   Lastly, she loves herself some food.  Never will she turn it down.  I guess she’s just storing up for the 2-year-old phase where they go on strike from eating.
Meet my husband, Josh:  He is wonderful…duh!!  Simply the best daddy and husband in this whole entire world.  Easy to raise?  Hardest of them all, by a long shot.  Jokes, haha!!  In my opinion, our children get their best traits from josh (not to put me down) but it’s the truth.  Josh is funny as heck, smart, caring (shhhhh, don’t you dare tell him I told you that), hard-working, and smoking hot.  He is the senior pastor at Life Church and can preach the house down.  Because of his hard work, I am able to stay at home with my babies. I am proud to be his wife and those two littles of ours are blessed to call him daddy, or “pa-pa” if you ask lucy.  
Here they are…
Yes, we dressed up like cow’s for National Cow Appreciation Day!  And yes again, my husband and son are “moo-ing”.  There you have it folks, my favorite people.

Much love,


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  • Josh Marshall

    Keep it going this is awesome.

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