these past few days have been a challenge.  a challenge to stay patient and extremely difficult to use my inside voice.  a challenge that i didn’t always win.  nathan-nathan-nathan (shaking my head).  his steal will makes for some interesting moments ’round here.  instead of focusing and blogging about how out of control he has been, i’d much rather focus on how amazing he THEY have been lately.  besides, who wants to focus on the embarrassing moment when you tell an almost 4 year old that we have to leave the splash park?  or when he pushes his teensie sister down simply because HIS popsicle broke?  i sure don’t!! 

i’d rather reflect on the un-challenging parts.  like today when nathan said “mommy, sit down and play with me”, and i said “i can’t because i have to finish cooking dinner”, when he replied with a heart melting “no mommy, i can do ALL things through CHRIST that strengthens me.”  that moment totally crossed out the horrible trip to the splash park by a long shot.  or when we play a rivalrous game of hide-n-seek and nathan thinks it’s so funny to go “hide” slap-dab in the middle of the couch (clearly, he is not hiding, on-purpose) with his new football helmet on just so that when i go “seek” him, he is sure bringing mommy to the ground with laughter.  he knows he’s funny and i love it!

i liked to never of found him, haha!!

one of my favorite parts of this past week has been something new that my lucy has been doing.  it all started when she was after my camera and i said “say please”, and she just started grinning from ear to ear with a cute-as-they-come “CHEEEEEESE”.  sometimes, i LOVELOVELOVE getting misunderstood.  she totally has the hang of posing for a picture.  i’m thrilled about it!

another one of my favorite parts of this past week was when i took my littles swimming with some of the church kids and some of our youth.  nathan get’s completely spoiled by the youth girls.  they are smitten on him.  after lucy realizes that i’m not going anywhere, she will let them play with her too.  she is one more momma’s girl.  one of those that clinches her legs, and hangs on for dear life in case anyone tries to snag her from me.  eventually, they snagged her up while i enjoyed a little breaky-break.

now this…THIS was nice!!  

i guess the good LORD knew i was about to have a challenging next few days and gave me this much needed break.  he IS all-knowing, ya know?  i am so thankful for my half-full outlook in all things.  because, these days are going wayyyyy to fast to focus on those days where your almost 4 year old is upset more than he’s happy, or when your almost 18 monther has molars out the ying-yang coming through.  i’ll keep choosing to focus on their awesome littleness that i just love so much.  so dang much!!

speaking of littleness, i took this picture of lucy after her bath.  she looked like my teensie-weensie baby again.  instead of the inevitable toddler that she is becoming. 


pause button please!!




  • Bethany

    I am enjoying your blog. Keep writing!

  • Kam

    I'm really going to need your advice when Baby Boy 2 arrives. I'd be seriously interested in a blog where you talk about how to manage the transition for the older child 😀

    ps- I enjoyed reading about your big life!

  • Josh Marshall

    Amazing writing its nice to be sucked into the story. Your very good at that. love you!

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