what is yogurt mountain?  well, let me do the honors of describing it’s radness and deliciousness.  back home, there is this place called TCBY that serves the best frozen yogurt in the world…until now.  yogurt mountain has gnarly lime green walls, trimmed in purple, and the environment is so frozen-yogurtly awesome, and fun. when you walk in, you get two sample cups to taste test the yogurt.  it’s a self serve place.  the right side of the wall is jam packed with tons of flavors of frozen yogurts and sorbets.  from banana pudding, to rocky road, to white chocolate mousse, to mango sorbet…you name it, they’ve got it.  the left wall is equally as packed with toppings galore.  from captain crunch, to sour worms, to nerds, to sprinkles (my favoirte), to hot fudge, to reeses pieces…just to name a few.  it’s like an adult toy store.  we get to play with all the toys (or, taste test all the ice cream), push on all the cool buttons (or, put on as many toppings as your little heart delights), and take something home (or, sit down and enjoy the new toy…i mean, yogurt).  i stay true to what i would get at TCBY, which is white chocolate mousse with sprinkles.  nathan’s cup of yogurt was  SOOOOOO almost-4-years-old…he gets vanilla topped with jelly beans and sour worms…eww, ha.  lucy enjoyed her dish of mango sorbet like there was no tomorrow.  this place is the bomb!!

yogurt/sorbet to the right, toppings to the left.
nathan’s gross yogurt.  i just love it.

what was the special occasion that brought us to such a place?  none other than celebrating lucy and her bff lily’s half-year birthday.  those two little happy-heads are halfway to age two.  so, we celebrated.  tu-tu’s and all.  my heart grows by the minute over my sweet, half-birthday girl.  i love her to bits.  i don’t know how i survived life without her.  so glad i’m her mommy.

that is lily, lucy’s bff.
this one belongs to me.  she’s all mine!!
how stinkin’ sweet is this?
and this?


that place was so good that i might have to go there again tomorrow to celebrate the fact that my mom is going to be here in 9 days.  AND, i might have to go there when she gets here to celebrate the fact that she is in town.  AND, i might have to go there when she leaves to cry in my yogurt because she is gone.  finding excuses to have more frozen yogurt is going to be awesome.

unless we get banned from all the ruckus.  
who could ban this?

good thing our kids get cuter by the second because everyone enjoyed their littleness, and loved the tu-tu’s circulating the premises.  the fun wasn’t finished at that one little yogurt stop.  we planned for lily and her mommy to come over to my house for a playdate.  i had chicken roast working in the crock-pot (i’d be lost without my crock), so that when we got to my place, it was all fun and no work (well, no kitchen work).  we played dress-up, dinosaurs, free play, and had dinner together.  it was a success!!

they are tu-tu cute!

not to toot my own horn, but my good friend kate (a.k.a. lily’s mom), is a seasoned chef with a degree to prove it, paid me a fine compliment.  it was a simple statement that gave me the biggest head.  after she was more than half-way through the roast i cooked, she simply asked “what spices did you use?”.  that’s all she said.  i was beaming.  i impressed the chef.

i loved yesterday.  i’m so thankful for having kate and lily as a part of my childrens memory box.  we consider them family.  auntie kate and cousin lily are keepers.

happy half-birthday, lily and lucy. 

so, here’s to the next half of these precious 1’s!!

pause button please!

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  • Kam

    fun fun fun! I need some lessons on how to use a crock pot. I'm sure it's the easiest thing in the world, but I'm intimidated by it. I need one successful thing to come out of it, and I think I'll be hooked.

    Do you offer lessons? 😉

  • k.mart

    She's beautiful, Christy!! We too recently discovered a froyo bar… ridiculous. Hope you enjoy your mama time and please send me some of that naturally beautiful skin your whole family rocks. xoxo!

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