it was every bit of 5:20 am this morning, and miss molar (lucy) was wide awake, cutting those pearly whites.  lets just say i was displeased, and i said to josh before getting out of bed, “i am SO OVER her morning early wake-up’s, i don’t want to do today”.  so, i annoyingly jerk the covers off me, let out a prayer for strength and patience to get me through our day, and tenderly scoop up my sweet lucy.  she is so sweet and in so much pain.  i would switch mouths with her in a heartbeat, but, i did not want to be up that early.  it wasn’t seconds after i got her up when i see josh walking down the hall.  i’m usually the one who gets up with the kids and especially when they aren’t feeling well.  josh immediately started a fresh pot of coffee, and brought me a cup, just the way i like it-with a touch of cream.  we were both still groggy and not saying much of anything, but the sweetness of that moment was there, and it was worth a thousand words.  GREAT husband!  it’s very rare that i start my day off with a negative outlook.  i always start every day with a fresh, positive take which has only proven to set the tone for the rest of the day.  today was supposed to be BAD-BAD-BAD (since i started it off that way), but thanks to josh, he set a new tone.  it’s a good thing that i don’t growl and complain on a regular basis or he probably wouldn’t have felt the unction to be so kind to me this morning.  here is one of my go-to scriptures that keep me strong, when i am weak… Philippians 4:8 “whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable, if there is any excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise, think of these things.”  putting this scripture to practice in my life was the best decision i’ve ever made.  this truth has made me a better person, friend, mother, and wife. 

as soon as that cup of coffee warmed my bones and gave me some fuel, i was ready to tackle a great day with the kids.  i’m still giving josh the credit for my being able to change my attitude. nathan was up at this point, so i made some homemade pancakes and we all ate breakfast together.  nathan made my day at the breakfast table for sure when he said, out of the blue, “mommy, you’re a princess!”, i said “awwww, thank-you, bud….what is daddy?”…he quickly answered with a, “daddy is superman!”.  josh was beaming with pride.  i mean, what man doesn’t want to be compared to a super hero in the eyes of their children?  nathan really does think that josh is a super hero because last week, nathan, lucy, and i went to walmart, and, like a bone head, i forgot to turn my car lights off.  when we came back to the car, it wouldn’t crank…it was dead.  there were only two cars that could possibly jump-start me and the chances of them coming back to their car anytime soon was slim…right?  well, not for me, both sets of people started making their way to their car (good looking out, GOD).  after this nice stranger gave us a jump, nathan shouts from the back seat, “YAY, daddy fixed it!!”.  mind you, josh is nowhere to be found, but that is how highly nathan feels about his superman daddy.

had to top off josh’s sweetness with some pancakes.  delish!!

a few more sweet moments of our almost bad day:

we were leaving the gym and nathan says, “mommy, you’re a genius!”.  so, now i’m a princess AND a genuis.  i’ll take it.

out of nowhere, he says “hey, let’s count to 46.”  why 46…why not 50, or 100, or 10?  so, we counted to 46.  just because.

lucy was wearing my undies around her neck, like it was a beautiful necklace.  josh noticed it first and said, “please look at your daughter”.  i love 17 monthers.  this is the last week i get to refer to her as a 17 monther.  pause button please!!  

just like my mother, i can find anything that is lost in our home.  it’s a mom thing, i guess.  nathan went searching the house down for his shoes and he finally caved and said “mommy, where’s my shoes?”, and i walked in his room, found them within seconds.  he says all proud-of-me-lke “YOUR THE BEST!”.  if that boy gives me one more compliment today…i might bust open!!

lucy making her fishy face. 
backwards is SO in!

josh and i took the kids to the local mall that has a bounce house, train ride, and an open floor space for my “17 monther” to roam the turf.  i just eat up quality family time.  i’m always up to something fun with the kids but when josh gets in the mix…it’s just funner.  the kids are happier.  josh is sitting right beside me, reading to the kids before they go to bed as i type.  i have GOT to get a video of him reading to the kids.  it’s obnoxious, over-animated, he get’s totally off subject, and starts making up his own story.  it’s every bit as funny, every time.  those two are mad about  their daddy!!

at times, i’m incredibly exhausted, and feel like my days just run together.  but, i love when i feel the sweet presence of my loving GOD, just nudging and guiding my life.  giving me grace, carrying my burdens, and immersing me in peace.  days like today are when i know HE IS there, orchestrating my day.  i didn’t want to DO today, at 5:20, but, i’m so thankful for the opportunity that was given to me to fall more in love with my husband.  these kids have the best daddy. 

i sure do hope that God doesn’t want to show me anything equally as awesome tomorrow morning at 5:20.  if so, i’m game!

pause button please!!


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