i love to switch up our daily routine with play grounds, splash parks, play dates, picnics on the lawn, and on and on.  and on and on.  and on.  yesterday, we switched things up even though we stayed at home.  we had a little tiny house guest that got dropped off at 7:30, and stayed all day until her mommy scooped her up at 1:30.  she happens to be a very good friends little girl and only 4 days older than lucy.  they are the best of friends.  when lucy saw lily that morning, she did a cute little laughy-run towards her with her arms stretched out for hugs.  cute.  suddenly, my children, who just the day before wouldn’t play with any of their toys to save their life,  fell in love all over again with each toy.  when in reality, they were just loving this real life little person who was making all the toys look cool again as she explored and tinkered around on all them.  what a great start to our yesterday!

by late morning, we decided to put some water in our splash pool out back and let them splash around.  lily didn’t have her suit (which made me so happy) because i just love me a baby girl in bloomers, in the summertime.  see what i mean…

 could you not slurp those babies up with a straw?  i sure did!
after their bity hands turned prune-like and soggy, they had about enough of that and moved right along to the patio.  only to find balls to the walls that i had by the bucket full.  i’m pure genius for the buckets of balls because those two were in itty-bitty-baby-ball-heaven.  especially when i added popsicles to the mix!  what a lovely day, indeed.
 this is our little house guest, lily jane.  pot belly and all!
where is nathan during all this outdoor fun?  glad you asked because he was staying true to the cooler-than-the-girls-because-i’m-the-older-brother stereotype.  you were sure to find him either being, or playing with his dinosaurs.  except when we busted out those popsicles, of course.
we sure did enjoy that lily jane.  i mean, what’s not to enjoy.  this little 17 monther makes up her own sign language, hold her own in a tiff against my almost 4-year-old, she is super funny, and an incredibly bright little beam of awesomeness.  so, i’m calling her mom tonight to ask if we can just keep her?
 i think that lily is so great because she has great parents and i am certain her mom is going to tell me no.  i’ll settle for days like this, over and over again.  
here’s to switching our days up.  
pause button please!
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  • Josh Marshall

    Lol! Funny day. I miss a lot when at work. Love you.

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